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Sigma Chi: March 2018 Org of the Month

Friendship, justice, and learning are three core values that Sigma Chi stands for. They are a strong community composed of 62 Brothers. According to Kevin Henderson, a junior in the Fraternity, Sigma Chi is a “family you go to at any point in time for anything.” Jeremy Stern, a sophomore in the Fraternity, says, “Brotherhood is about creating unwavering reliable relationships.”

Sigma Chi has gone above and beyond in their efforts to make a difference and March is the perfect month to highlight their achievements. This past month, Sigma Chi participated in the Frat Classic, a hockey tournament where 4 fraternities battled to dominate the ice. Twelve Brothers participated in the tournament and the other Brothers were in the crowd supporting. “It was great to see Sigma Chi coexist and build community among Greek Life in a competitive, yet fun environment,” as exclaimed by Kevin Henderson.

Additionally, Sigma Chi hosts Sig Talks, a “Ted Talk-esque” event where they have campus leaders and role models speak on behalf of their three core values: friendship, justice, and learning. It is an impactful event where members of the community come together and hear stories from those inspirational people.

Above all, Sigma Chi is participating in an instrumental fundraiser. The Brothers’ goal for Hairless for Huntsman Fundraiser is aimed to raise $20,000 to be donated to the Huntsman Foundation, which supports cancer research and treatment for cancer patients. The Brothers will be shaving their heads to raise awareness for the cause. This event will take place on Monday, April 30th, 2018 in the EDR. Look out for more details regarding the time of this event on Instagram @bentleysigmachi.

Sigma Chi has engaged both its Bentley audience and the community at large, earning it the title of Org of the Month. Help support Sigma Chi’s efforts by donating to its Huntsman Foundation Fundraiser!


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