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Student Leader of the Month: March 2019

Congratulations to Rachel Linehan on being named Student Leader of the Month for March! As a junior at Bentley from Scarborough, Maine, Rachel is involved in a number of organizations on campus. Her roles include being Vice President of Colleges Against Cancer (and the upcoming President for 2019-2020), a Peer Facilitator for First Year Seminar, a Career Services Colleague, as well as a member of the Junior Class Cabinet. We asked Rachel a few questions about her involvement and time at Bentley:

What made you want to join Colleges Against Cancer?

“I have been involved with raising money and awareness for cancer for the last 7 years, as a good friend of mine’s mom passed away from the disease while we were in high school. I also wanted to get involved in one of the larger orgs on campus and learn the ins and outs of putting on events and being a part of bringing the community together!”

What is your favorite part about being a part of this organization?

“The impact it makes. For being on a college campus where Relay isn’t exactly a “culture” like at other schools, the dedicated group we do have and the participants work hard all year to put up numbers that compete with other larger schools with more participants.”

Do you have any upcoming events?

“We just had Relay for Life on Friday for the first time in the Arena, and I am happy to share I was a part of the team that broke Bentley Relay history in raising the most ever ($58,000 and counting!).”

How can prospective students learn more about Colleges Against Cancer? How can they become involved?

“We are at every Activity Fair and always wearing our “Relay” shirts! You can always check out the link (, follow our social media @BentleyRelay, or just shoot or me an email (I’ll be here next year!).  We always have our meetings every Monday night in Back Bay A at 7:30 PM from September to March, so feel free to come by any time!”

What is your favorite part about Bentley?

“My favorite part about Bentley is how easy it is to get involved and do activities. It’s not difficult to find things to do or groups to be a part of, and there’s always room to be more involved if you so choose!

“The Relay for Life website is still open until July, so help us see how far we can raise the bar for next year!”

Thanks so much Rachel! Your hard work is something that definitely does not go unnoticed—congratulations again and keep up the great work!


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