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Org of the Month: March 2019

This month’s organization of the month is Alpha Psi Omega! Even though, Bentley carries a primary focus on business, Alpha Psi Omega is the National Theatre Honors Society that allows students to let their creative sides prosper and bring the arts to life. Therefore, their commitment to uplifting our student organization community shown through in their work this past month, particularly with the two different but equally terrific productions. APO put on their spring play “Wonder of the World” this past March 29th and 30th, that had hours and hours of practice and preparation for on-stage and off-stage functions. They also did “The Laramie Project” in partnership with Pride. APO’s fall play, “Heathers”, was also a huge success and the commitment to having a play each semester highlights the strong determination, talent and creativity that Bentley students have.

Amanda Wendt, a member of APO and communications director, highlights: “APO has been a huge part of my life at Bentley. It introduced me to a family of people who share my love for theatre and allowed me to continue being involved with theatre in a way I didn't expect to be able to in college. I got to continue acting and was able to find a new passion in doing costumes for our shows, neither of would've been possible without APO.”


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