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Student Leader Elections Part 2

Election Day was a huge success this year! From last year only having about 10% of the school vote in elections, this year we had a turnout of 23%! Governing orgs are essential for creating change on campus and representing the student bodies’ voices.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting and here are your new student leaders!

Our winners are...

AIA Chair:

Aleshia Green

AIA Liaisons:

Brandon Armstrong, Matthew Bandy, Samantha Bowden, Michael Connors, Fabiola Falaise, Brooke Holdgate, Tiffany Knowles, Nicole O’Donnell, Hannah Rauch, and Evan Thompson.

ABA Recognition Board Member:

Tara Sethi

SGA President:

Hannah McDonnell

SGA Executive Vice President:

Matthew Stead

SGA Executive of Internal Affairs:

Patricia Magistrado

SGA Senators:

Haley Allbee, Natasha Bajaj, Sydney Dickinson, Megan Forde, Carla Fortuna, Abby Hill, Tyler Holbert-Catania, Isha Joshi, Katherine Menard, Jesse Nava, Zoe Saliba, Denzel Samuel, Emily Spinelli, Tyler Sloman, Nathan Tombo, and Robert Zedros.

Junior Class Cabinet:

Margarita Belaya, Rachel Linehan, Luca Panzoni, Megan Forde, Carla Fortuna, and Tyler Holbert-Catania.

Senior Class Cabinet:

Sarah Allison and Hannah Rauch

Sophomore Class Cabinet:

Tiger (Wangtengyue) Shen

Now to hear from some of our new student leaders

President of SGA, Hannah McDonnell, says,

“I’m extremely excited to be the President of SGA next year. It’s been amazing to witness SGA grow and develop over the past couple of years. We have a great group of student leaders and many returners who are passionate about Bentley and determined to make Bentley the best it can be.”

AIA Chair, Aleshia Green, shares that,

“Being the first person of color to ever be in the Chair position is the most rewarding feeling because I can make a difference and pave the way for many to come, so they can know that hard work, determination, and faith can take you as far as you wish to go.

ABA Recognition Member, Tara Sethi, says that,

“Being a student leader means I must always do my best to represent the interests of the Bentley community in an open-minded and positive way. I believe listening to the ideas of others before making assumptions is crucial in any decision-making position.”

Congratulations to all of our new student leaders! The Bentley community is excited to see what’s in store for the 2018-2019 school year!


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