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Relay for Life Spring 2019

Thanks to all that came out to Relay for Life at the Bentley arena to assist Colleges Against Cancer (CAC)!

CAC has raised over $58,000, $2,000 off the goal, but the org will be fundraising and accepting donations through June/July! In addition, this year’s Relay for Life has already raised more money than the past 15 years’ events.

Frank Elenio (‘19) shares his experience of being a part of CAC and the team that made Relay for Life possible!

“We start in the fall preparing and getting our ducks in a row...securing sponsors, building a recruitment base, holding some educational events that get people interested in Relay, and laying the foundation for our event such as date and venue. The spring is all about executing. We are constantly recruiting, sharing stuff on social media, marketing the event, and pulling off the theme, decorations, scheduling of events, and planning logistically. It is a lot of effort.”

Frank shares about his favorite parts of the event:

“I am going to be very biased here. My favorite event was certainly Musical Towels that was organized, ran, and participated in by the swim and dive team. It was hysterical! We were literally throwing ourselves at the ground trying to not get eliminated, I really thought heads were going to clash. The football team putting makeup on in promotion of "look good feel better" was also great! For ceremonies, I also have two.

Watching my teammate Nick Aswad tell his story and battle with cancer was inspiring, moving, tear-jerking...everything in the books. I was moved and there was not a dry eye near. We really all understood how close to home this hits. Luminaria Ceremony is also really moving, and as tough as it is, it reminds me why we all stick together. Many in my family have battled cancer, and we've lost two family members to it, so it hits home.”

Why should people join Relay?

“Nearly everyone is somehow affected by cancer. During the Luminaria, we crack our glowstick in honor of who we Relay for, and it is done in sequential order by relationship (yourself, mother/father, brother/sister, grandparent...etc until an "anyone else"). By the time "anyone else" comes around, everyone's glowsticks are lit. Everyone has experienced it. This is a great way to give back to something that means a lot to a lot of people,” says Frank.

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