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AIA Shark Tank Recap

On Thursday, November 7th, AIA hosted their annual Shark Tank where student organizations present ideas for a new event they’d like to see on campus to 5 Bentley Sharks. 9 different organizations competed. While organizations all received constructive feedback about each presented event, there were three winning organizations, presented with funds from AIA to make proposals possible.

In third place was the Korean Student Association. On top of pitching an idea geared toward inclusion and education about Korean culture, they spoke on how the organization needs exposure on Bentley’s campus. The KSA e-board has worked diligently this year on marketing and event planning efforts, and thanks to the $2,000 presented to them from AIA, they’ll be able to accomplish even more.

In second came Black United Body, also receiving $2,000. The goal of their event was to provide career placement opportunities to students majoring in management, marketing, and other non-traditional Bentley majors. Their event would consist of workshops and networking opportunities. BUB received Org of the Month for September this year, and continues to prove themselves.

Finally in first place was the senior class cabinet, they presented a walk down memory lane event. Seniors would be able to stroll through the student center to take pictures and reminiscence about their time at Bentley. The organization was granted $2,300.

Congratulations to those who received investments from the sharks and thank you to all who participated! More photos from the event are available here.

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