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You Can B a Risk Taker -- Rob Zedros ('20)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

“You Can Be a risk taker.” - Rob Zedros (‘20, BS-MS in Finance, Bachelor of Science in Corporate Finance and Accounting, Master of Science in Finance). 

As a current senior, Rob’s involvement spans across a number of leadership opportunities, extracurriculars, and on-campus jobs. From working as a Student Manager in the Trading Room, to becoming an Orientation Leader, to volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, to advocating for student voices on the Student Government Association, and more, his breadth of experience defines his four years at Bentley University. 

As he reflects on his experience here, he states that his willingness to take risks is a defining marker in each and every opportunity he takes on. These risks opened up doors that generate newfound passions - personally and professionally. 

He lives by the quote “Life is a series of doors, it’s just up to you to open them,” which has served as a guiding mantra for his time during college. 

Rob’s overarching message to others at Bentley University is to “Be vulnerable. Take risks. Push your comfort level.” He continues to emphasize that college is the time to discover more about yourself by taking a leap and pushing yourself to try new things. Rob believes that being a risk taker means getting involved even when you’re feeling scared or nervous and letting these feelings of uncertainty lead to a new perspective and fresh opportunities. 

Within each of these experiences Rob emphasizes that he is driven by impact. He accounts “knowing that I am making a meaningful change for the Bentley University community keeps me motivated to take on every day.” He says that seeing his involvements lead to a direct impact on individual Bentley University students is the most rewarding part about taking those risks and getting involved.

He shares, "After serving as an Orientation Leader and dedicating a few weeks out of my summer to guide and mentor incoming freshmen on campus I was able to see my ‘Baby Falcons’ take on their first year of college and help them navigate this process.” Just a year later he notes that one of these ‘Baby Falcons’ is now following his footsteps to be an Orientation Leader as well. Rob says that his proudest moments are seeing others unlock their true potential. 

All in all, Rob’s statement of “You Can Be a risk taker” holds even more truth at Bentley University as he says this school has a culture of “We,” of “One,” of “Us.” From students, to faculty members, to staff, and professors, this campus has individuals that will help support you along your four-year journey. It's up to you to embrace vulnerability, defy conventionality, take risks, and dedicate your time to something that will lead to a positive and meaningful change. 

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