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SASA: Henna Night Spring 2019

The South Asian Student Association (SASA) hosted Henna Night funded by SAF, where you could get professional henna tattoos or do your own, South Asian food and drinks and enjoy authentic South Asian music!

“The art of applying henna to the hands and feet is traditionally used for celebrations across South Asia. The patterns and colors can vary as each country and culture adds its own unique twist to each design. Similarly, henna nights are traditionally filled with music and dancing as they are used to unite families celebrating South Asian weddings or holidays.” - SASA Bentley

It was a great opportunity to experience a completely different culture that many may not be familiar with and be completely immersed into it at least for a little bit! Henna nights are an annual event so don’t miss out next time!

If you have any questions reach out to SASA at


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