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How to Reserve Rooms in the Student Center

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The Student Center can be a place to do anything and everything—from grabbing something to eat, to hanging out with friends, to going to events, programming, and everything in between.

However, the STU is also a great place to get some work done when it’s time to buckle down and do some studying.

There are countless places to study in the STU—including the Living Room, the Bubble, spaces near Argo Tea and the Spiritual Life Center, and even Harry’s Pub when it’s available.

However, if you’re looking for some privacy or a place to meet with a group, the Student Center has plenty of study rooms available for reservation.

Monitors displaying room availability on the second and third floors can be found just inside the entrance the Living Room and the Bubble, respectively. If a room is available, simply select the option to reserve on the touch screen and choose your desired reservation length (up to two hours).

Need to book a room in the STU for your org? No problem!

Just head to and log in using your Bentley short name and password. After logging in, click “Browse” from the dropdown menu, then “Browse for Space” to view spaces all around campus (even classrooms and meeting spaces in academic buildings).

Click on any room that’s available and select your reservation! Just allow 24 hours for it to be approved and processed.

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to email for assistance with booking a space for an organization.

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