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Culture Fest, Food Fest, and After Party

Last week Culture Fest, Food Fest, and the Afterparty all made Wednesday night in the Stu the place to be! People filled the Student Center waiting to try some yummy food, dance, and talk to different cultural orgs.

Aidan Clancy (‘20), President of Italian Society, shares,

“There was a lot of preparation for this event, but it is one of my favorites of the year. Food Fest brings together many different cultural orgs to share native food in a welcoming and energetic environment. The air is filled with positive vibes and anticipation to try new food. I was so proud of the turnout and how great our room looked after taking so much time to decorate it.

Seeing the huge line of people to get into the event made my entire org happy to see that so many Bentley students cared enough to make room in their calendar in order to attend. I encourage all students to join a cultural org, even if they’re unfamiliar with that culture.”

Kishan Patel of the org, REAL, shares about his experience,

“Preparation for this event was more in-depth than I anticipated. From contacting all the cultural organizations to making sure we to get enough serving spoons, we had to consider factors on a detailed level. Initially I was nervous and worried we were forgetting something important. But when taking a quick look at the line, my worries were replaced with amazement.

Seeing everything come together on the day of the event proved all the time and effort spent in planning to be worth it. I'll always remember seeing how long the waiting line was, and while this may not be our first Food Fest, it will definitley be a memorable one!

I'm so proud of the members of REAL for helping with the event. For most of them it was their first-time hosting Food Fest, but they were all able to handle it exceptionally well. I'm excited for this team to host it again next year!”


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