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Kappa Delta has arrived on campus!

Have you heard of KD?  Kappa Delta is  the  brand new sorority on Bentley's  campus that will give women a unique opportunity to be a founding member! Founding members will get to set the precedent of excellence for their chapter, as well as create traditions that will be around for many years to come!

  • Recruitment Weekend will be September 21st-23rd and consist of…

  • Friday Open House

  • Saturday Information Session

  • Sunday Preference & Bid Day

Kappa Delta is recruiting unaffiliated women (sophomores- seniors) with GPAs above a 2.5.  Leading up to  recruitment  weekend,  interested  woman are encouraged  to stop by tabling events  and  to sign up for a  Coffee Date!  A Coffee Date (no coffee necessary!) is an opportunity to learn more about Kappa  Delta, the  recruitment process and the founding member experience.  Interested? Sign up  HERE!

Feel free to follow KD on social media for  event  details and recruitment updates as well! (Instagram: @bentley_kd)

And make sure to tune in for some updates and pictures from the recruiting events on!


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