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The New Multipurpose Arena Opening

Bentley University’s campus just got a BIG upgrade.

After months of anticipation, construction, and excitement, it’s finally here - the new Multipurpose Arena! This 45 million dollar long term project has got the students, staff, and faculty celebrating this past Thursday, February 15th as it was the official Arena Opening. The space smelt like a brand new car and looked pristine in white, black, gray and Bentley blue colors. People of all ages and backgrounds flooded the building excited to see the long anticipated Arena. The Bentley spirit was high as there was Bentley styled cupcakes, free Bentley shirts, concession stands, and more for everyone to enjoy as they toured the facilities.

The entire Arena is 40 percent sustainable and is LEED certified showing Bentley’s commitment to sustainability. The facilities is not just for hockey games but can be used for so much more, hence the name multipurpose! “The Cube”, a space dedicated to the generous donors, is a perfect place to meet for group projects, study, hang out and more. The rink will be able to have free ice skating for all students and can also transform into an event area. For instance, Alpha Phi’s Red Dress Gala and the annual Spring Day concert will be held this semester in the arena. Take a trip downstairs and there's more - a new workout area AND locker rooms. Bentley outdid itself!

Student’s are raving about the new arena saying it’s “the perfect addition to the campus” and that “it will surely boost the Bentley spirit and morale” for our Division one hockey team. They are so excited for the facility to finally be put to use and create even more memories on this campus.

Check out more pictures and events from the new Arena, only on Bentley SPEak!

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