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Lip Sync 2017

Congratulations to the Greek Activities Council and all competing fraternities! The efforts in putting together the Fall 2017 Lip Sync Competition have helped to make this event October’s Event of the Month! This honor recognizes events which have gone above and beyond in terms of preparation, engagement and turnout.

The Fall 2017 Lip Sync Competition was held on October 17th at 9:30pm in the Executive Dining Room of LaCava. This competition is held annually and provides a chance for Fraternities and Sororities on campus to showcase their creativity and style in front of the rest of the Bentley community. In the fall edition of this competition, pledges in 8 Fraternities were tasked with creating and perfecting a coordinated and unique dance routine with the goal of winning over 4 judges, all representing different student-run organizations on campus.

Within the confines of friendly competition, this event perfectly illustrates what it means to be a part of Greek life. This event provided members of Greek life with a chance to cheer on soon-to-be members during their performance, as well as be a part of a culminating experience in which all fraternities got to participate.

Bentley SPEak wanted to give a shout out to all participating fraternities, and a special congratulations to this year’s winner, Sigma Chi! Stay tuned until the spring, when the sororities will get a chance to show off routines of their own in the Spring Lip Sync Competition.

Participants: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Gamma Pi, Alpha Sigma Phi, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Chi, Sigma Gamma Delta, Sigma Pi

Winner: Sigma Chi

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