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Haunted House' 2017

Screams were loud and adrenaline was pumping this past Saturday, October 21st, when Bentley students got their first taste of the Halloween season.

TNT hosted a Halloween edition of “Escape the Room” in front of the Student Center. Due to the high demand of the event and an effort to prevent waiting times for groups, students had the opportunity to sign up for the event in advance.

At the event, Bentley students were given an opportunity to put their problem-solving skills to the test under dire and nerve-wracking circumstances to diffuse a bomb (don’t worry, not a real bomb) and save the Bentley community from imminent (and hypothetical) danger. Students had the option to choose from two event themes, one containing Zombies and the other with Aliens. Although both themes were arranged exactly the same in terms their layout and difficulty, students had the choice to pick a theme fit to their preferences.

Students described the event as challenging, many also made clear how fun the event was to participate in. Despite leaving the room a bit overwhelmed and a little spooked, students had a great time kicking off Halloween season with “Escape the Room.” What other fun editions will TNT bring us? Stay tuned!

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