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Arts @ Bentley

Bentley is known for being a business focused school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore your artistic side while earning that business degree. Arts@Bentley has a range of opportunities that will allow you to tap into your inner creative side, whether it’s in the form of dance, paint , writing and so much more. Discover organizations and events at Bentley that will foster your skills as well as allow you to learn new, exciting ones. We’ll help you with that discovery by giving you an insight into three of Bentley’s popular Art Organizations! This week, HYPE sat down with CRAZE, Her Campus, and the Orchestra to talk about their events on campus. There are plenty of ways to get involved, check it out!

What is this organization?

CRAZE: CRAZE originated in 2004 thanks to the hard work of Stephanie Hubbard and grew to become one of the most prominent dance groups on campus, specializing in hip hop. This organization has evolved into a fantastic co-ed dance team that has become well known throughout the Boston area.

Her Campus: Her Campus is a national online magazine targeted at female college students. Bentley’s chapter of Her Campus is part of a larger network of chapters spread out over the country! The the best thing about this club is that you don’t have to be the next Ernest Hemingway to write for them (that’s what they have editors for), you just have to be passionate about something and translate through words (or gifs!). They publish at least four articles a week on and share them all on our Facebook page, and you’ll find these articles pretty relatable whether they’re about current events, health and fitness, fashion, current events, or the more popular Bentley-specific articles.

Orchestra: Bentley Orchestra is a student organization where musical students come together to rehearse and perform with our conductor Ray Daniels. Typically, in the fall they hold a concert where they play more traditional, classical music and in the spring they have a themed concert. In the past, they have done a “Pops” concert and this year they are planning a “movie soundtracks” concert!

How did this organization start on Bentley’s campus?

CRAZE: Stephanie Hubbard created CRAZE in 2004.

Her Campus: Kathryn Burger started the Bentley chapter of Her Campus back in the fall of 2012!

Orchestra: This organization officially formed in the spring of 2015. At that point, we already had a small group of students and our conductor. However, it was only a few semesters ago that we went through the process of becoming an official organization. A few of us wrote a constitution and became the first eboard for the group. Our current eboard is the second eboard in the history of our organization.

How often are articles released? Where are the articles made public?

Her Campus: “We publish articles almost every single morning at 11am to We understand that readers may not be traveling straight to our homepage for our new content, so it’s all shared on Facebook!”

How can students get involved?

CRAZE: CRAZE performers have a history of dancing. Tryouts are at the beginning of every semester and everyone is welcome to try out. If anyone is interested, email

Her Campus: Students who are interested in joining Her Campus can come to our weekly editorial meetings every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm in Back Bay C. Our meetings are usually pretty short, we recap current events and brainstorm article ideas. If you can’t come to a meeting due to a night bomb, we encourage you to email our GA account at with your interest and we’ll tell you how you can still get published!

Orchestra: Students can get involved by coming to any rehearsal during the semester. We accept musicians who play just about any instrument with all levels of experience. Currently, we have a string section, a woodwinds section, a brass section, and a percussion section. Right now our group is the largest it has ever been with 19 musicians. The growth we have seen since we became an official organization is exponential so we expect that number to grow significantly in the next few years.

What events does the organization showcase?

CRAZE: CRAZE puts on many performances throughout the year both on and off campus. They have performed at the World of Dance in Boston, Prelude New England Urban Dance Competition in Medford, and local schools like Brandeis and Wellesley. On campus you can watch them perform at a multitude of events like Mr. Bentley, Airband, and the Pink Tie Phi Sig event. Their most coveted event is their annual showcase, Rhythmic Graffiti, in Koum. This event will go on presale on MyBentley as we get closer to the show. Rhythmic Graffiti is also a charity event supporting the American.Diabetes Association. This year they are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the show!

Her Campus: Because Her Campus is a national organization, there are many events Nationals puts on throughout the year. Bentley Her Campus is invited to participate and attend events like College Fashion Week, exclusive Boston store openings, private shopping events, Her Conference, and so much more. By joining Her Campus we’ll give you all the info on how to attend all the cool events, and all the free stuff, Her Campus National gives us access to!

Orchestra: We perform about twice a semester, but we rehearse together every week.We hold one concert of our own each semester, but we often play at other events as well. In the past, we have played for the Arts Banquet, and APO’s Arts Fest. We perform at our own concerts, usually alongside Bentley Jazz Band. Other than that we have performed at APO’s Arts Fest and the Arts Banquet.

Be sure to check out CRAZE’s performance at Rhythmic Graffiti on December 2nd in Koum!


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