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"What is SP&E?"

What is SP&E?

SP&E (The Office of Student Programs & Engagement at Bentley University) is the office that is responsible for many exciting things happening around campus!

Skills advancement, sense of self, leadership capacity, social connection and pride are all under SP&E’s umbrella.

Explore. Engage. Empower.

Student Programs & Engagement’s Fall Activities Fair gives students the opportunity to explore student organizations on campus.

These activities are summed up in five major program areas.

  • Student Organizations

  • The Student Center

  • The Arts

  • Leadership

  • Greek Life

Who is SP&E?

Student Organization Directory

Student Programs & Engagement Staff Directory

Where is SP&E?

SP&E’s office is located on the third floor of the newly renovated student center in room 330.

The open-office layout is always buzzing with students and staff. Feel free to stop by and strike up a conversation. Staff love to hear how your Bentley experience is going and can share activities for you to participate in!

Why does SP&E do what it does?

“We want to serve as a destination for students to connect, build community, and develop transferable skills for successful careers. (…) We create a space for students to have fun and actively engage with campus life at Bentley.” -Matt Galewski, Assistant Director

Focusing on student development, SP&E aims to enrich the Bentley experience, doing so through dynamic programming, supporting and consistent student organization advising and, a strong a connection to students.

When is SP&E? SP&E is happening all the time! So stay up to date on whats going on around campus by following our social media accounts.





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