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1st Annual Winterfest | 2016

Just because it’s getting colder, it doesn’t mean the fun has to end! After all, who doesn’t love winter activities like snow slide tubing and ice curling? Last Thursday, the student center was packed with students ready to experience Bentley’s first Winterfest!

SP&E had a ton of giveaways for students participating in the event. People lined up at the tents twenty minutes before the event started to insure that they would get a free blanket, hat or mug. Who says you can’t keep warm walking up to classes while repping Bentley swag?

The aroma of melting Hershey chocolate and marshmallows filled the living room as students made their s’mores to perfection! In the span of three hours, we watched the Bentley community gather together around live music while sipping on their hot chocolate and munching on the graham crackers. Nothing like a little Bentley love to get us through the cold winter!

Outside was buzzing with excitement as food trucks lined up under the lights on the path to the student center. Fried pickles were distributed in the parking lot next to the massive inflatable snow tube! Students were intrigued by the three story slide that spread out over the parking lot! They flew down the slide, racing their friends before proceeding to engage in the other events, such as curling or taking pictures inside an inflatable snow globe.

Check out some of the pictures from Winterfest! Don’t worry about missing it this time; it’s an experience that is likely to become a Bentley Tradition. Be sure to make it next time!

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