SP&E offers resources to enrich your Bentley experience. They encourage students to participate in self-discovery by investigating the variety of programs and services offered by the department. Find out about the different ways to become involved and learn about the opportunities SP&E has.

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Meet the Student Programs & Engagement Staff
Nicole Chabot-Wieferich.JPG

Nicole Chabot-Wieferich

Associate Dean of Student Engagement & Director of SP&E

What’s your role in the SP&E office?

As the director of the Office I provide vision, leadership and management for the staff in work related to the Student Center, programs and traditions, student organizations, and fraternity & sorority life. I am also lucky to advise the Student Government Association which keeps me connected with fantastic student leaders and the current needs and concerns of the student body. I work closely with our partners in the Division of Student Affairs to be a liaison between the work of SP&E and other departments.


Michelle Dabeningo.JPG

What’s your role in the SP&E office?

I am responsible for managing the Student Center, including all of the spaces, services, and operation within the building. I also supervise a group of 35 student staff who work within different roles to help the Student Center operate smoothly.

Riley Fickett.JPG

Riley Fickett

Assistant Director

What's your role in the SP&E office?  

I'm one of the Assistant Directors in Student Programs and Engagement, and my main focuses are working with and supporting our recognized student organizations, serving as the advisor to AIA and the Organization Management Committee, acting as a resource for student organization faculty & staff advisors, and managing Student Leader Elections and the Org Challenge! 

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Abby Pieger
Program Coordinator

What’s your role in the SP&E office?

As the Program Coordinator for Student Center Operations, I supervise the HYPE Marketing Team and Today ‘n Tonight, the Student Center programming board. I am the SP&E manager of Harry’s, managing programming, bar selection, and collaboration with Bentley Dining, and I am also the advisor to three student organizations – WBTY, The Vale Yearbook, and The Vanguard. 


Miriam Acajabon 

Administrative Assistant

What's your role in the SP&E office?

I am the Administrative Assistant for SP&E, assisting in ensuring the smooth operation of the office, while maintaining a friendly and welcoming demeanor. I coordinate the intake of petty cash, check requests, liability waivers, contracts, travel authorization forms, campus-wide emails, and Bentley community engagement website requests.  


Andrew Boucher

Graduate Assistant

What's your role in the SP&E office?

As a graduate assistant, I love to get involved in all things SP&E! My day-to-day role in the office involves supervising the Business Center Attendants and other Student Center staff. Additionally, I work with Michelle and Abby managing the operations of the Student Center and playing a key role in our student employment model.



Michelle Dabenigno