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Employment Teams

Student Employment is a key pillar of the Student Programs & Engagement experience. With more than 50 student employees and three staff supervisors, the student employment program provides opportunities for skill development, involvement, and leadership experience. The three employment teams consist of the HYPE Marketing Team, Student Center Staff, and the Student Programming Team. Each team contributes towards the departmental mission of enriching Bentley’s transformative undergraduate learning experience.



The HYPE Marketing Team (Highlighting Your Programs and Events) embodies and amplifies Student Programs & Engagement’s mission by highlighting opportunities for social connections and student development on campus. Using creative marketing strategies and a strong departmental brand, HYPE creates an awareness and excitement around departmental programs, student organization events, and student-centered initiatives. HYPE achieves their mission through marketing and branding support, highlighting student voices, providing live coverage for campus programs and events, and documenting the student engagement experience.



The Student Center Staff works to create a welcoming and engaging environment for all who visit the building. Staff strive to provide top tier services to all guests including outstanding customer service, creative solutions to any problems that arise, and a general safety and well-being to all. Staff members work diligently to ensure operations are running smoothly and efficiently, while maintaining a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere in all spaces throughout the Student Center. The Student Center Staff aims to create a space where students and visitors can feel comfortable and utilize the building as the “living room” of campus.



Student Programs & Engagement’s team of student programmers are responsible for planning, executing, and staffing key departmental programs for the Bentley community. Student programmers should be creative and passionate about programming and should be highly motivated to work in a fastpaced environment. In this role, staff will be working both independently, and in collaboration with other team members, to maintain the department’s programming vision and manage all aspects of those programs.



The Organization Support Team consists of Student Organization Assistants who serve as the primary support system to student organizations as they navigate various events, activities, and tasks within their organization. Student Organization Assistants support all aspects of student organization logistics, planning, and events. Student Organization Assistants will provide top-tier services to all organization members, ensuring that each group has the resources they need to be successful.  

Staff Structure
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Employment Resources

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Resources for HYPE Qualifications

For help in creating or strengthening your HYPE applicant portfolio, consider trying these free or inexpensive applications to build your skillset!​

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