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Sophomore Class Cabinet

Candidate for Sophomore Class Cabinet Member

My name is Alyssa Gaeta and I am running to represent the Class of 2023 in the Sophomore Class Cabinet! The goal of the Cabinet is to enhance the life of all members of the community and I am uniquely qualified because I’m community service oriented, involved, and most importantly- I care. On campus, I am involved in many organizations, including the Women’s Leadership Program, Honor’s Program, Kappa Delta, Women’s Network, Circle K, and Club Frisbee. I’ve participated in service learning, where I taught the elderly computer skills, helped feed the less fortunate through Circle K, and fundraised for Prevent Child Abuse America through Kappa Delta. My goals are to inspire my classmates and show them how they can benefit from being involved. I would support the class through various social, informative, and academic events, leveraging my past experience. As Honors Program Chair of Events, I’ve planned social events such as group outings to Bruins and Celtics games. My goal is to plan purposeful, fun events that enable our class to interact with each other. For informative and academic events, I planned alumni presentations for Honors students and helped facilitate business visits for accounting and finance majors. My goal for future events is to provide students with relevant information and hands-on experience that can help with choosing a major or career path. As Cabinet Member, I will nurture involvement of the student body. I really hope you allow me to help you get the most out of your Bentley experience.


Candidate for Sophomore Class Cabinet Member

Hello! My name is Anyfern Gonzalez and I am running for Sophomore Class Cabinet. I was on Freshmen Class Cabinet as the Vice President of Public Relations this past academic year and it would be an honor to serve you once again. I have been doing class cabinet since high school, as I served as secretary of my senior class as well as several hours of community service weekly. My on campus involvements currently include: Women's Track and Field, Bentley Democrats, La Cultura Latina, Coming Full Circle, Bentley Women's Network, Colleges Against Cancer, Alpha Phi Omega, the Service Learning Certificate Program and with your help and support, Sophomore Class Cabinet. These may seem like a handful, but I have been able to manage my time and balance them all this past year. Goals that I have if I were selected to the Sophomore Class Cabinet include: following through with the events that the Freshmen Class Cabinet had planned out for Spring 2020 which includes a scavenger hunt and classmate spotlights in order for the Bentley campus to be aware of what great things you are all doing! I ask that you please consider me to take part in Sophomore Class Cabinet as I truly have so much to give and so much passion for it!


Candidate for Sophomore Class Cabinet Member

I'm Krtin Juneja from Mumbai, India, and I’m running to be a member of the Sophomore Class Cabinet . Anyone who knows me knows that I try to be as balanced as possible; I strive to maintain my academics (my forever priority) alongside a social life over the weekends. Through high school and my freshmen year at Bentley, I've gathered Leadership, Organization and Logistical experience in order to prepare myself to be a better mentor, communicator and, hopefully, council representative. During my Freshmen Year at Bentley, I was involved with the Freshmen Class Cabinet, Resident Hall Association for Slade Hall, SAGE, the Honors council as well as a general member for SASA. These experiences have given me exposure to the types of roles, expectations, and problems that a Class Cabinet would have to face.

I'm extroverted, and love speaking to new people, so I can near-guarantee a pact for approachability, inducing change with new ideas, and getting as many social events that bridge the gap between the student body and the Class Cabinet. Moreover, I would like to bring all the years together so that we can create a greater feeling of community. Being here for a year, I know that University is the most memorable time of our lives, and I want to to help make it better to remember, with as many events to bring the whole class together.


Candidate for Sophomore Class Cabinet Member

I believe I would be a good candidate for the Sophomore Class Cabinet because of my desire to bolster class engagement and excitement, past leadership experience, and ability to work with other leaders to achieve measurable goals. One of my goals if I were to be elected as part of the Sophomore Class Cabinet is to increase class engagement by increasing the visibility of the Class Cabinet with more promotion of class events to foster a sense of class pride and excitement. I believe that the class of 2023 has immeasurable potential that could make our class one of the most impactful classes to graduate from Bentley. With the current pandemic that led Bentley to transition to remote learning the class of 2023 has already shown that we possess a level of adaptability unlike any other that could create a bond within our class unlike any other. Additionally, I am involved in a variety of other organizations at Bentley that I believe make me a qualified candidate for the Sophomore Class Cabinet. I am involved in Greek Life as a new member of the Sorority Phi Sigma Sigma, The Residence Hall Association as Vice President of the Trees Residence Hall Council, Dresses to Dreams, The Bentley Marketing Association, and I am an Orientation Leader for the Fall 2020 Semester. Overall, I think that the combination of my past leadership experience and drive to lead the class of 2023 would make me a valuable addition to the Sophomore Class Cabinet.


Candidate for Sophomore Class Cabinet Member

This past academic year, I served as the Secretary of the Trees Hall Council. I attended weekly council meetings and bi-weekly hall association meetings. As a member of the Residence Hall Association, I was provided the opportunity to work with fellow students and staff members towards bettering the Bentley community. Aside from Residential Life, I am a member of the Bentley Softball Team. Teamwork requires time, perseverance, hard work, and commitment, all qualities that define the level of my dedication. Through organizations and athletics, I have learned how to work with people of different perspectives and beliefs to achieve a common goal, and the common goal of my classmates and me is to make life at Bentley memorable and enjoyable. If elected, I plan on ensuring that the class of 2023 has a voice as an entirety but also at an individual level, because everyone should be given a chance to be heard. However, my goal isn’t just to impact the class of 2023; it is to inspire every other class to fight for what they believe in and stand up for one another, because Bentley University may have been established in 1917, but it is time for our generation to show our colors and shine.


Candidate for Sophomore Class Cabinet Member

My name is Bobby Olejarczyk and I want to be a part of the Sophomore Class Cabinet for the 2020-2021 academic year. After being a part of the Freshmen Class Cabinet and seeing the potential we have to unite the Class of 2023, I am motivated to continue work on our objectives. This year, we were focused on establishing a face and foundation of your cabinet with hosting events such as our Valentine’s Day pop-up table. As the treasurer, I made sure that each one of our ETFs was submitted on time and that our budget appeal was completed with significant detail and thought. Additionally, by contributing to our strong social media presence, I hope that you have felt connected to us and comfortable with reaching out to us with any questions or concerns you have. Next year, I hope to hit the ground running with a potential Fall Evening Movie Night on the Greenspace and other enjoyable events that will bring our class together as whole. I also wish to facilitate more fundraising events to support various charities in the Waltham and Boston area. While we are college students, I believe that there is still so much that we can do to support our community in need. Overall, I promise to use my hard work ethic and achieving persona to make sure that our Class of 2023 feels connected and knows that we as your cabinet have your back!


Candidate for Sophomore Class Cabinet Member

Hello! My name is Cem Özsümer and I am an upcoming sophomore for the 2020-2021 year. I am an international student from Turkey, and because of that Bentley has been the most important community for me in the US. I have felt that in my limited time on campus this year has been a great experience. Therefore, I wish to become a member in class cabinet to ensure everyone on campus can have a pleasant experience as I have. I wish to be a voice of those around me and establish that connection between students and class cabinet. I feel that essentially, I wish to join class cabinet to strengthen the bond among students and bring new ideas to the table. I also hope that I can further ideas and bring a new perspective as an international student. Personally, I feel qualified as I believe my experiences in student organizations such as MUN, Honors Council and Worldview Ambassador have allowed me to communicate and exchange ideas with many students on campus and learn their experiences. Besides that, knowing my history of student government from my high school will contribute to my fondness in representing other students on campus. I hope that I would get this chance to enable change and ensure that your experience on campus is the best it could be. Since we are not campus, I would love to chat about my candidacy and your thoughts through social media! Please email me for any comments! :D


Candidate for Sophomore Class Cabinet Member

My name is Brendan Vann and I am running for Sophomore Class Cabinet President. My first year here at Bentley has shown me the seemingly endless resources available to us and the amazing raw potential of the class of 2023. I want to maximize both of these through communication, dedication, and hard work while having some fun along the way.

First off, I have the experience and drive to lead this class. In high school I played soccer, served as class president, and founded the Cleatz4Kidz charity organization. Here at Bentley I served as class president, SGA sustainability chair, and joined the Bentley Investment Group. While I am confident that my qualifications prepare me, they are not everything. It is my effort, team first mentality, and experience with administration, that will catalyze positive change.

If reelected, I will partner with academic and career services to aid sophomores with majors, minors, and internship decisions. We will continue to host popup events, like Coco and Candy last semester, around midterms and finals. In addition, I would work to end the year with a sophomore send off barbeque.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put us in a unique position in terms of our college journey Although our first year got cut short, we got a taste of the unlimited possibilities offered to us academically, socially, and professionally. We have an opportunity to take advantage of all aspects of Bentley this coming year and I know, together, we can do just that.

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