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Senior Class Cabinet

Candidate for Senior Class Cabinet Member

Hi. My name is Joey Cohen and I am running for Senior Class Cabinet. I was a member of the Junior Class Cabinet last year as its treasurer and thoroughly enjoyed my time on the cabinet. The reason I wish to be a member of the Senior Class Cabinet is because Bentley is the first school that I have ever attended start to finish. Now, while this may not seem like a big deal to most it is to me. It has helped me understand why so many of my classmates in high school viewed the school as a community when I did not. It has helped me to understand the community that a school really is.And as a member of this community I want to ensure that our final year will be one that we will always remember. That is why I hope you will elect me to Senior Class Cabinet.


Candidate for Senior Class Cabinet

I am interested in helping serve the senior class because I want to make our final undergraduate year memorable. Some goals I have for class cabinet include coordinating fun events in the Boston area such as a Red Sox game, Senior Pub Nights at Harry's, and other cool things that come on the schedule. As we are coming back from half a semester at home, I want to make sure that our class can get the most out of our last year. Voting for me would mean that my six years of event planning experience will better our class in our last year at Bentley.


Candidate for Senior Class Cabinet

I'm Dan Sirignano, and I'm registering to run to as a candidate to be a member of the Senior Class Cabinet. This next semester, it will be the start of the fourth year I have been going to Bentley and I’m looking forward to getting back onto campus to start the school year ahead. I have been a part of the Junior Class Cabinet this year as the President, and although our physical presence on campus got cut short, I’m grateful for the opportunities and experiences I’ve had so far. If I were to be elected as a member of the Class Cabinet for next year, my main goal would be to help create fun activities and events for the class that people would be interested in attending. Before we were sent off campus for this school year, we didn’t get to host a couple of big events that we had been planning for months before, so in addition to yearly tradition events, I would also plan to execute those larger scale events that were missed out on as well. If I’m elected, I will work on collaborating with other members of the Senior Class Cabinet to make the students’ experience amazing and also serve as a voice for students whenever possible. I would also do my best to work with any members of the class to represent all students’ ideas or concerns. I think it’s important to make the school year more enjoyable for students after an unfortunate ending to this school year, so I hope this upcoming year is as fun and memorable as possible. With the start of the new school year ahead, there will be a lot of new exciting opportunities as we head back onto campus. I hope I’ll be able to help our class take advantage and bring on some fun and unforgettable experiences for the 2020 to 2021 school year. Thank you for your consideration.


Candidate for Senior Class Cabinet

My name is Courtney Woronka and I am a rising senior running for Senior Class Cabinet. As a member of the Junior Class Cabinet, I am looking to take these experiences and bring them to the next level in order to ensure our senior year is the best it can be. On top of Class Cabinet I am also involved in many different areas including athletics, greek life, service learning, and residence life. I will use these experiences as well as hear from our peers throughout the year in order to make the best decisions possible for our class. Organization, dedication, commitment, and hustle are just a few words to describe me and how I will work as a member of the Senior Class Cabinet.

As we go into our final year at Bentley there are many things we look forward to including casino nights, pub nights, and of course the Bahamas. If there is anything we have learned from this year, it is to not take anything for granted and live every day to our full potential. It is important that our students feel heard, included, and have the events necessary to end our Bentley career the right way. As a member of the Senior Class Cabinet, I will do everything and anything possible to ensure our last year at Bentley is the best one yet. Please remember Courtney Woronka as we go into elections for the 2020-2021 academic year!

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