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You Can B Purposeful- Abby Hill (‘20)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

“You Can Be Purposeful,” -Abby Hill (‘20, Marketing)

“Don’t just take steps forward, take leaps.”

Leaps and bounds define Abby’s experience at Bentley University. From personal and professional growth within herself to the growth of her involvements – Abby is one to take challenges on, not allowing fear to set her back in the face of adversity.

As a natural advocate, Abby was drawn to Student Government Association, SGA, to advocate and improve a breadth of important initiatives on campus. Her seat at the table within SGA serves as her avenue to be a part of the conversation of how to constantly improve Bentley University to better suit the students' needs and wants. On the marketing committee she works with several other students to act as a communication liaison to the entire Bentley community. Noting that SGA is a resource for students and a form of expression around decision making, Abby is always putting the interests of others at the forefront of her role on SGA.

“I am a ‘why’ person more than a ‘why not’ person. It’s the purpose behind action that keeps me committed.”

Know not just what you are doing but why you are doing it. On a similar note to her participation within SGA, Abby found another home within Students Advocating for Gender Equality, SAGE. This organization is where she opens a dialogue with other Bentley students on hot topic issues that are important to discuss. A way to broaden her perspectives, she balances active listening on points of view with formulating her own opinion to bring to the conversation. From discussions on gender equality to the wage gap to even diversity and inclusion, the topics of debate shape each student’s future approach and purpose at Bentley and beyond. These conversations that facilitate empathy and education serve as pillars in Abby’s values and a foundation for her impact here.

Her purpose is also evident through her philanthropic efforts through Bentley Service Learning and Civic Engagement, BSLCE, and Habitat for Humanity, two on campus initiatives focused on bettering the world we live in. When Abby first went on the spring break trip to Florida as a freshman, she didn’t know any of her peers, all she knew was this endeavor was to give back to those who need it most. However, she bonded quickly and fiercely with the other students on the trip who shared this passion to make a difference. Seven days later and hours spent building homes where homes weren’t yet built, the experience she shared with others is one of newly formed friendships and a sense of fulfillment.

“I am imperfect, but I try. To try something is the first act to fostering change.”

There are no days where her leaps are not driven by some level of uncertainty and overpowered with the sense to do good. In 2020, her goal is to try 20 new things saying “It’s okay to paint even if you’re the worst artist in the world. If it brings you joy, don’t stop trying.” A mantra that speaks volumes to her endeavors at Bentley and will continue to influence her future approach to the professional world. Stretch goals and big feats are avenues to revolutionize the world. It doesn’t just take steps forward; it takes leaps and bounds.

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. To not unconditionally follow your passions with true purpose is foolish.”

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