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You Can B Kind - Arushi Srivastava '23

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

You Can Be Kind - Arushi Srivastava ('23, CIS Major and Data Technologies Minor)

From a very young age, Arushi knew the importance of hard work. She grew up in India, then moved to the United States at the age of 9 alongside her parents. Despite being so young, she knew the sacrifice her parents had made for her, and knew that she needed to invest everything she had into her education. This mentality, along with an interest in software engineering and business education, brought her to Bentley to major in Computer Information Systems.

Arushi had reservations about pursuing a career in software engineering. But, she knew that being a woman in this field would be a very powerful thing. Not only did she plan to make an impact in her future career, Arushi also came to Bentley with the intention of making an impact on campus. This purpose drew her to organizations that have a strong message and a large presence on campus. She is now a member of the South Asian Students Association (SASA), a marketing co-chair for Campus Activities Board (CAB), and an events coordinator for Bentley Woman’s Network (BWN).

“Step outside of your comfort zone.”

All three of these organizations speak to Arushi’s different values. She joined SASA during her freshman year to connect with her culture and meet people with similar values. Last year, she made the bold decision to participate in the annual Diwali Show. She had never been much of a performer but was excited and proud to have a speaking role in the annual show.

Because of how much she enjoyed planning Diwali, she decided she wanted to continue planning events for Bentley. This pushed her to join CAB. Arushi views her marketing co-chair role as a fun break from her busy schedule, as she gets to communicate and interact with other students while planning new and exciting events. She executes a similar role in BWN as an events coordinator, planning events such as the annual Alumni conference, where Bentley students new and old discuss topics like unconscious bias as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. 

“Kindness is really something we’re missing in the world today.”

Though these organizations are different, one common theme that all these organizations share is that they promote kindness. Arushi views SASA not as an exclusive club where only South Asian students can convene, but a club meant for all Bentley students to recognize and celebrate South Asian Culture and to “promote culture diversity”. CAB creates a strong sense of community among Bentley students, and provides outlets for students to have fun and connect with one another. BWN is a place for female students to speak truthfully about the adversities they face, and this organization makes an effort to empower all women on Bentley’s campus. Arushi recognizes that spreading kindness is the best way that she can leave her mark on Bentley. 

“Push through; be yourself.”

In years to come, Arushi hopes that these organizations that are so important to her continue to spread positivity at Bentley. She hopes that recognition of BWN grows and that they become a source of inspiration to other college campuses. She can already see the ways in which CAB will grow, as they are thinking more creatively than ever during this pandemic. She hopes that students recognize that these organizations reiterate the message “treat people with kindness”and that they will be encouraged to do the same.

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