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You Can B Influential - Raindy Lee ('22)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

You Can Be Influential - Raindy Lee ('22, Finance and Minor in DataTechnologies and Entrepreneurial Studies)

Raindy grew up in Indonesia where he immersed himself with technology, engineering, and creativity, a few of his most influential passions. Throughout his life, Raindy has enjoyed finding ways to make people’s lives better and easier, whether that is implementing a hydroponic farm at an orphanage back home or creating ways for people to have a sense of belonging through TNT, Raindy aims to influence the people around him in positive ways through all of his endeavors.

Always take the chance that you get. Learn more and do more – when you look back, make sure that you see what you’ve done and not the missed opportunities you regret. 

Raindy grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia where he found purpose in starting a community service club, The Global Issues Network, aimed at improving the quality of life in the community around his high school. The main goal of the organization was to engage the student body and to make impactful changes in their environment. The Global Issues Network involved six different committees with different focuses, including educational programs, the environment, and social development. Raindy’s most influential moment in this organization was when he had to engineer and implement a hydroponic farm for a local orphanage, which is a way to farm by using water instead of soil, making growing healthy food easier in an urban environment. He never will forget the director of the orphanage telling him, “We are very grateful that there are people who are willing to give their time and effort to improve our quality of life.” Raindy was honored to develop something that could help people have better access to clean, healthy food. 

Small acts of influence can make a difference in someone’s day. 

Raindy knew by his senior year that he wanted to attend college in the United States, and more specifically at Bentley. Originally, he had wanted to attend an engineering school overseas. However, he was also interested in business and thought that finance would be a close comparison. Raindy expresses how the appeal of the “American Dream” and the work-hard culture that America has is very appealing, especially coming from a more laid back, relaxed culture in Indonesia. Even when he was applying to colleges in the U.S. he could see a difference. “The U.S. college applications were so open-minded, focusing more on the individual and their passions rather than the skills that you have.” Raindy did not feel too disconnected from his community in Indonesia because many of his friends have also attended colleges in the Boston area. 

Giving back to your community can be as simple as making the people around you feel important and respected. I want to be involved for myself and for others. If I am putting my all into my involvements, it will hopefully enhance other’s experiences. 

Once Raindy came to Bentley he wanted to become very involved and make a difference in his new community. As a sophomore Raindy is involved with AKPsi, Project CI, Bentley Open Market Committee, TNT, and is an International Peer Advisor in Undergraduate Admissions. Raindy has focused his efforts in his organizations on ensuring people feel heard and represented on campus. For example, the Project CI showcase is a way for creative people at Bentley to showcase their art and express themselves. Raindy has a passion for photography and feels at home with this community of artistic people. Raindy is also an Event Coordinator for TNT, where he assists in planning events in the Student Center where people can gather and have a fun time. “TNT is a group that strives to make Bentley students feel at home. First year students may not feel like they have a place here yet. I want to be able to give them that sense of home and comfort.” His favorite event this year was the After Dark Beach Bar where many people gathered in Harry’s to socialize, drink mocktails, and eat food. Raindy sat there speaking with other students for hours. “It is bittersweet now since that was one of our last events on campus before remote learning began.” 

In my organizations I want to ensure that the members have engaging, bonding experiences. It is important to me that my peers have a healthy mental state to support their work ethic and productivity and overall wellbeing. 

As Raindy ends his sophomore year, he reflects on his goals for himself and his organizations for the next two years. “I want to keep giving back to the Bentley community and explore different creative ways to do so.” Raindy is also excited to explore new aspects of American culture. Raindy believes it is valuable to surround yourself with people from different cultures and learn from each other. For his org involvements he wants to build the community of members in the Bentley Open Market Committee. “This is a home for Econ majors who want to have a community of their own.” With Raindy’s passions in technology, entrepreneurial studies, and finance, he wants to someday make creative products to enhance people’s quality of life, specifically back in Indonesia. “In America we take businesses like Amazon for granted. Indonesia is just starting to grow in online shopping and delivery, and that is the industry that I want to innovate in.” Raindy wants to have a bigger role in community development when he graduates from Bentley and take his influence and impact the world around him. 

Choosing universities and trying to plan out your future is daunting and stressful. But just know that everything is going to work out and there is only so much you can think about right now. Once you do enter your university, I’m sure that you will be greeted with a life better than you expected.

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