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You Can B Impactful- Asimina Morris ('21)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

"You Can Be Impactful," – Asimina Morris ('21, Economics-Finance Major)

“To be told ‘no’ is not the end of an endeavor, but the beginning of an opportunity.”

Asimina’s childhood is painted by how she always faced any challenge or opportunity in her own way. Growing up with divorced parents, she learned important life lessons earlier than most. Whether it was learning that life doesn’t always throw you lemons or that money isn’t grown on trees, her resilience to bumps in the road created a sense of intent for her pursuits later in life. These early life lessons led her to become a positive force curating meaningful impact here at Bentley. A thread that continues to be woven throughout Asimina's involvements and experiences. 

With her heart set on Bentley University, Asimina knew that a small business school was where she belonged and where she could make the biggest impact. As a current Eco-Fi Major and Law minor, Asimina is blending her passion for business with her ability to seek righteousness and have an impact on the lives of the people around her. Her interest in law was first seeded in her DECA competitions as she competed on the Business Ethics and Advocacy team throughout her high school years. With the drive to be involved on campus and her interest in law, she found a home within Adamian Law Club. This club would become pivotal to Asimina's growth throughout Bentley and a place where she could make her greatest impact.

Shortly after the first few weeks of her first year, Asimina was introduced as the new Marketing Chair on the Executive Board of Adamian Law Club – a big task for a new first year student. With grit and resilience, she took on this role and did not let her age define her capabilities. Fast forward through the next three years and she has now served as the Vice President and President of the Adamian Law Club. From that first Marketing Chair application, to a story of impact, this organization has flourished just as Asimina did over the years. 

She reflects on her experience saying,

The most rewarding part is knowing that you are making a difference on this campus and providing value to the current students -- and for many more to come.” 

Coming to Bentley, Asimina knew straightaway that there is always a way to make any place feel like home. Her home has been made through her involvement in clubs such as Allocation and Internal Audit, Bentley Real Estate Group, and of course, Adamian Law Club. Her hope for others is that as they come and pave their path of purpose at Bentley and that they too find a home where they can be an agent of change. 

Although Asimina is well-involved in her community, she is also one to make intentional decisions on where she dedicates her energy. Time is the most non-renewable resource and she devotes her energy to those areas where she can be a positive force and impactful member.

Asimina notes that,

“If you take each day with the thought of moving forward and progressing towards result-driven outcomes you will find yourself reaping those benefits equally as much.” 

Her innate ability to be a catalyst for prosperity and influence is one that she will hold true even past her years at Bentley. She hopes to pursue a career in consulting so she can leverage her restorative nature and add value to firms and their people by consulting on large-scale problems they face. Asimina's journey to be a change-maker is just beginning-- a story beginning here at Bentley University.

“If you are thoughtful and intentional about how you use your time, energy, resources – you will find a path of purpose that drives meaning to you and others.”

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