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You Can B Fearless -- Jesse Nava ('20)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

“You Can Be Fearless” – Jesse Nava (’20, Corporate Finance and Accounting)

“Within my first 48 hours at Bentley University, I went up on stage during orientation in front of the entire freshman class and shared my story”

Little did Jesse know at the time, but this path of fearlessness would eventually lead to developing a new lens that would shape his experience at Bentley and beyond. Jesse’s challenging upbringing has instilled a resilient mindset in him that has ultimately enabled him to pursue personal and professional goals throughout his experience at Bentley. When faced with adversity, Jesse chose to rise above the challenges thrown his way.

Jesse reflects on his freshman year, not sure of how he wanted to spend his time on campus, but knowing the time spent would be “a part of a greater purpose, something bigger than just myself.”

Soon after, he found this purpose within Bentley Microfinance Group, a student managed approximately 150,000 loan portfolio providing microloans to small businesses in the greater Boston area. From being a general member to taking a seat as President, Jesse says that this organization fed his curiosity for business and his hunger to help others. He was actively part of a team that provided financial solutions to ambitious entrepreneurs that did not have the access to capital and built relationships with each client. Coming from a past where money was, at times, tight and taboo, Bentley Microfinance Group spurred an interest in finance and a new-found confidence in Jesse’s ability to drive impact for others.

In the fall of 2016, Jesse landed a job at the State House, interning for Jefferey Sanchez, Democratic member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Throughout those five months, he partnered with large corporations to spearhead socially responsible initiatives and improve affordable housing efforts directly to constituents. He recounts this time saying, “Each day I learned new ways that the intersection between business and government can make measurable change.” He believes that the two together act as a core catalyst for social change, which eventually led to his involvement with Student Government Association at Bentley.

As president of SGA, Jesse’s goal is to foster a community at Bentley that encourages the voices of marginalized populations on campus. His involvement as the chair of SGA’s diversity committee gave him a new lens and outlet to provide this sense of advocacy for groups and student organizations that need it most. One of his proudest efforts is when he worked with Bentley Brave, to facilitate a discussion around diversity on campus. This student government role gave Jesse the liberty to leverage his leadership abilities to be an advocate for others.

He says, “I want to build policies that bridges the gap between business and government. The power that the two hold make for an opportunity to create tangible, sustainable, and global change.”

Now, as an incoming Management Consultant for the Healthcare team at Price Waterhouse Coopers, Jesse is turning his passion into a profession. He emphasizes “I am incredibly excited to work in healthcare, an industry that holds a lot of meaning to me not just professionally but also personally. He reflects saying, “Who would have known that expensive healthcare bills and homelessness would fuel a sense of fearlessness, the confidence to take on leadership roles, and the determination to make purposeful change for today, tomorrow, and beyond.”

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