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You Can B a Visionary — Alex Kim (’23)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

“You Can Be a Visionary” — Alex Kim (’23, Major in Economics-Finance)

As an innovator and blockchain enthusiast, there are few moments where sophomore Alex Kim is not envisioning the future of technology and its role in society. Over the past year, Alex’s developing interest in blockchain systems has enabled him to form what some say is the fastest-growing club in Bentley’s history: the Bentley Blockchain Association. However, like many students that had their first year cut short by the unexpected pandemic, his journey to becoming the inspiring sophomore he is today did not come easy.

Coming to Bentley from out of state, Alex found himself surrounded by a sea of unfamiliar faces during his freshman year. It was not until he got accepted to be a resident assistant that he saw himself begin to break out of his shell. Alex also began involving himself in subjects that interested him, such as cryptocurrency. By the time his first semester as a resident assistant had concluded, his accumulation of knowledge in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space began to be recognized by other students. He created an account on Instagram, @cryptokimm, as a way of sharing his thoughts and educating others on the intriguing world of cryptocurrency.

During his research, Alex began to understand that the very subjects being taught to him at Bentley would likely be affected by blockchain technology in a significant way at some point in the future. It was at this point that he noticed an unfulfilled demand for the discussion of blockchain technology at Bentley. The inception of the Bentley Blockchain Association was largely due to Alex’s forward-thinking attitude and his desire to educate more people on what he believes to be a revolutionary form of technology. He is so committed to the prospects of cryptocurrency that he has even ventured into creating his own—he and his team named it “Fox Finance.” Upon launching the token, Alex was notified that someone adopted a fox out of support. This adoption serves as a frequent reminder of the good that comes from education and innovation.

“If you have an idea, there’s always a high risk and a high reward. It is important that you pursue any idea because it gives you the experience you need to try again.”

Although the club is still in its infancy, Alex’s plans for the Bentley Blockchain Association range far and wide. His primary focus will be on teaching members about the technology itself as well as what is known as “Tokenomics,” which is the study of how cryptocurrencies operate within their own economy. Alex also speaks on the greater implications of opening up the conversation about blockchain systems at Bentley. With developments being made using blockchain technology in popular fields of study such as accounting and finance, he has hopes that Bentley will begin to prepare students for these changes by adjusting the curriculum to account for them.

Despite creating one of the fastest-growing clubs on campus and frequently thinking about the future, Alex remains introspective and will always carry around with him the values instilled by his parents. After spending several days alone in quarantine, Alex had time to think about his close friends that have helped him become the person he is today, and what the path to becoming a leader has taught him about himself. Thinking back on his journey thus far, he remembers what his parents have always taught him about the importance of giving back to the community that made him who he is. This is his greatest goal with the Bentley Blockchain Association; to give people the gift of education and to inspire others to invest in their future by learning about blockchain technology.

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