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You Can B a Sparkle - Isha Joshi ('21)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

“You Can Be a Sparkle” - Isha Joshi (‘21, Marketing)

Isha Joshi has lived her life knowing one thing: she needs to share her Sparkle. Isha is an only child and has an exceptionally close relationship to her parents. From a young age her parents have encouraged her to be positive and look at the bright side of life. They would send her motivational text messages every morning, which were especially impactful to her when she was going through hard times. Because of this cheery outlook on life she was inspired to spread her own kind of impact: a Sparkle.

I channel my positivity through my parents. I am the bubbly and outgoing person that I am today because of what they have shown me.

In high school Isha found ways to make an impact on those around her. She was involved with many community service opportunities and even founded her own club called, Letters of Love, a club where students could write motivational notes for veterans, children in hospitals, and anyone in need of a little positivity. Isha has always wanted to be doing something meaningful to help others and spread her Sparkles of impact. However, this was not always easy for Isha. Upon starting college, Isha went through a difficult time when her grandmother passed away. During this time, her parents motivated her with motivational texts and quotes every morning. “My dad has reinforced optimism. The most impactful text he sent me that I will never forget it is: ‘Isha, have a spiritual day. Now what do I mean by a spiritual day? Fill your mind with happiness and energy, and face every situation with a smile, and you will see the wonders that radiate from that.” Isha’s dad sending these impactful notes made her want to impact others in a similar way. It reminded her of her own Sparkle and helped her get back on track. 

You can go anywhere and change the setting but if I’m with the people that I care about, I feel like I am home. I surround myself with people who bring out my Sparkle.

As Isha prepared to come to Bentley she knew she wanted to join an organization that would help her evolve and grow as a person. For Isha, that organization was SASA. She grew up in a predominantly white area and was one of three people of color at her high school. She did not have a lot of experience embracing her own culture and often wanted to blend in and push it away. When Isha came to Bentley she became involved in SASA and found that community who she could embrace her South Asian culture with. “I do the things that I care about and I do them with my whole heart.” Isha was surrounded by people who were passionate about her culture, which is something she’d never experienced before, except from her parents. She has been on the E-board of SASA for all three years of college and will be the Senior Advisor this fall. Her most impactful moment with SASA was Diwali 2019. As PR Director it was one of the hardest, most time-consuming things she has had to do at Bentley. Isha oversaw casting, script writing, costumes, as well as all the marketing for the entire show. When the day of Diwali finally came, she didn’t think that there would a huge turnout because of basketball games, Greek Life pinnings, and an APO play happening the same weekend. She recalls opening the curtains before the production began, thinking there would be 300 or so people in the arena. Over 800 people attended Diwali this year. Isha is most proud of the impact that Diwali has had on Bentley’s campus. “Diwali isn’t just SASA, it is a campus-wide Bentley event.” Isha shares that SASA’s Sparkle is, “spreading South Asian culture, becoming an integral part of Bentley’s community, and spreading diversity on campus. The event involves people from all walks of campus and it really exemplifies the diversity that SASA is striving for.

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go. 

Isha has been an Orientation Leader for the past two summers and attributes one moment with the start of her Sparkle. She was speaking with some other OLs as they were trying to get to know each other and out of nowhere she asked the group, “What is your Sparkle?” Her friends were confused by her question, so she explained it as, “your Sparkle is the impact you make on the world around you that has an everlasting limitless legacy.” Isha has always loved sparkles in the tangible aspect but she considers it an integral part of who she is now. Her Sparkle became part of her brand identity.  Isha participated in TEDx Bentley last spring presenting to the school on how people can find their Sparkle or impact. Isha reflects on her TEDX experience often as a constant reminder that she can spread her Sparkle of positivity in people’s lives by being unapologetically herself. “Not every day is good but there is something good in every day. I want to be the good in people’s days.”

It can change the world if you can understand people better. I want everyone I interact with to feel as if they too can feel comfortable opening up to be their weird, crazy, authentic, and amazing selves, just like I do.

As Isha enters her senior year this fall she wants to continue to spread her positivity and impact in all her orgs (SASA, DSP, Orientation, Service Learning, and Women’s Leadership). She wants to help Bentley students realize that they can be themselves and that joining the right org can help with that. Isha considers her orgs as her families away from home. Isha plans to continue spreading her Sparkle even after she has left Bentley. Her dream job is to be a motivational speaker and to open her own consulting business. Isha loves being creative and wants to be doing something client-facing because she loves interacting with people. “I want to develop Sparkle into a brand or company and visit organizations, schools, and other leadership groups to consult with them on how to better understand their impact as individuals and as organizations.” 

Don’t look for another org to put on your resume but an org that will help you become the best version of yourself and be your family. 

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