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You Can B a Go-Getter — Andrea Jordan (’22) 

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

“You Can Be a Go-Getter” — Andrea Jordan (’22, Marketing & LSM in Media, Arts and Society)

It is no surprise that Bentley boasts a diverse collective of driven students; those driven for career success or those driven by a personal passion. But a standout among the student body is Andrea Jordan whose passionate drive for success is veritable. Born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Andrea knew from a young age that she wanted to attend college in the U.S.—an opportunity that only a small percentage of students in Honduras have the means to capitalize on. In learning about Bentley during high school, she knew she wanted to attend even without having seen it in person. After arriving on campus as a freshman, she quickly began getting involved in organizations like the Women’s Leadership Program, Delta Sigma Pi, the Ambassador program, the Business Center, and even started her own podcast.

The first time Andrea stepped foot on Bentley’s campus was for a tour after she had already been accepted. While she knew this was the school she wanted to attend, she couldn’t wait until the semester started to be able to see the campus. She explains that during her tour, the tour guide she had made “everything fall into place for her.” It was because of the tour she had that made her want to become a tour guide as well. In discussing her role as a tour guide, she says, “seeing the impact that a ninety-minute tour can have on a prospective student is what motivates me to keep doing it” adding “it’s so rewarding knowing that I was partly the reason that some students have applied.” Andrea knows the importance of first impressions when it comes to college and wants to be the difference for those who decide to apply to Bentley.

I want to be an ambassador for my country”

When Andrea arrived at Bentley, she knew she was going to have a to strike a balance in branching out and diversifying her interests while also keeping her Latin identity close. At first, Andrea looked for a sense of “comfort” and “home” in any way she could, as she was thousands of miles from her native country. However, she realized that she needed to branch out and more and eventually was able to join Delta Sigma Pi (DSP), one of Bentley’s business fraternities and soon found a new sense of comfort in the diversity of the members. Being the graphic design chair has helped her to pursue her creative passions but has also allowed her to work with people from varying cultures and backgrounds. The community that DSP has provided her has been integral to helping her maintain her Latin identity but also network and connect with all other types of students, both foreign and domestic.

“Find what you are passionate about and create your own path”

Like many others, Andrea took on a new endeavor last year with the extra time provided by some of the first lockdowns—but unlike many people, Andrea’s new endeavor has turned into something big. This new endeavor came in the form of a podcast. Her podcast, which was initially just a passion project, highlights Latin entrepreneurs and creatives alike. The personal project quickly grew, and at its height, had two different guests each week. Andrea says, “I’m always passionate about learning new things and learning about other peoples’ journeys in creative spaces.” With the success of the podcast, Andrea was asked to do webinars about her creative journey at places like a university near her home in Honduras. While she put the podcast on hold for the semester to focus on academics, she sees nothing but potential in the project for the future.

“I want to be able to go back to Honduras and apply everything I have learned here and give back to my country”

With a year still left to go at Bentley, Andrea has already completed three internships and is always focused on what’s next. With the opportunity to study in the U.S., she has made the most of it so far. And with the experience, the knowledge, and the drive for success she has, she eventually wants to take this all back to Honduras. Andrea wants to better her country and better the community she came from in any way she can. With all of her involvements on campus and off campus, she has yet to slow down. Andrea has been a resolute go-getter who has shown how to turn a dream and an idea into a reality—and a successful one at that.

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