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You Can B a Founder- Aman Ailani ('20)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

“You Can Be a Founder,” -Aman Ailani (‘20, Management with Concentration in Entrepreneurship)

“At Bentley everyone here is chasing their dreams, even though we may all take different paths once we leave.” 


As a senior at Bentley University, Aman continues to leave an incredible impact on our campus that spans greater than just his academics. His involvements over the years include Athletes in Action, the Varsity Golf team, working for Bentley Athletics, and managing Bentley University’s official Instagram account, @bentleyu. Throughout each of these experiences, Aman learned just a little bit more about what it means to be a leader and a true entrepreneur. With that, he took inspiration from each involvement to define his Bentley experience and shape it into his own authentic and creative endeavors. 

Since Aman was young, he was always excited by the idea of working for himself and paving his own career. While watching his father run a successful business growing up, Aman knew that he was also meant to follow these footsteps and pave his own professional path. Grit and resilience never scared Aman, in fact, they served as motivation as he continued to find pockets of interest which he could scale into a business idea one day. He thinks of a strong business as a series of building blocks, one on top of another, gradually getting taller and stronger over time. Shortly after his freshman year he took this business mindset and applied it to his first professional pursuit, Khilari Sports. As a sophomore at Bentley, Aman founded Khilari Sports which is a media platform highlighting athlete narratives through multiple mediums. By “giving power to the players” Aman created this company to marry his interest in sports and media coupled with his passion to highlight individuals’ stories. 

“I love being able to build something from the ground up.”

Aman’s entrepreneurial spirit continued to grow as he is completing a minor in Entrepreneurship. For one of his last classes here at Bentley, Aman is starting another business off a new interest of his, cold brew. What started as a class assignment has turned into a strong passion for entrepreneurship and a new coffee brand. Aman plans to establish his business, People Cold Brew, after he graduates in May. 

“Don’t limit yourself; follow your heart and your passions.”

Aman continues to reflect on his Bentley experience and says, “I’d encourage each student here to ask him/herself what they want their individual legacy at Bentley to be. Then take that answer and be the founder of something that will add value to our campus community and beyond.” Aman did exactly that. Through all of his involvements he let his curiosity lead his discovery into a new passion and interest to paint his personal Bentley legacy.

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