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You Can B United – Grace Peterson (’21)

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

You Can B United – Grace Peterson (’21, Management Major, Health and Industries LSM)

Grace Peterson came into her freshman year at Bentley expecting to major in accounting. After a harrowing experience with GB 112 and 212, something many students can relate to, Grace decided to change her path. She realized that she thrives off of interpersonal relationships and collaborating with people in a more hands-on setting. She knew that she needed to switch gears and pursue what she’s most passionate about, which lead her to choose Management as a major, pursue a career in higher education, and join Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Bentley Service Learning and Civic Engagement. Now, in her senior year, Grace has been elected the President of CAB and serves as a Service Learning Program Manager and Committee Leader.

As President of one of the largest and most influential student organizations on campus, Grace has a lot of responsibilities. She constantly has to delegate tasks to other members, supervise meetings, and put out many fires. But Grace is more than happy to do it, because she loves working alongside others, as this is how she believes they can get their best work done. She knows that to be a leader, whether in CAB or BSLCE, being able to effectively communicate is key. Listening is just as, if not more, important than speaking.

“When it comes to CAB and BSLCE, I get more than I give.”

In her time in these organizations, especially CAB, Grace has worked with a lot of staff to plan events. Grace has always been so grateful for their positive attitudes and willingness to help. She admired the way they can help students in a time of need and guide them in their endeavors, whether professional or academic. Their influence has made Grace decide she wants to do the same thing: help students during their time at college. She is pursuing a career in higher education, and hopes to have the same impact on students that Bentley staff has had on her.

“To the current members of CAB – dream big!”

After four years of dedicating so much time to CAB and BSLCE, Grace feels that her friendships are the most valuable thing she has gained from her involvements. She has noticed how true, strong bonds are made between like-minded people all working together for a common goal. Her hope for her career in higher education is that she continues to foster meaningful relationships with her coworkers, and create friendships as special as the ones she found in her time at Bentley.

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