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You Can B a Resource — Jarod Potocki ('23)

"You Can B a Resource — Jarod Potocki ('23, Data Analytics)

Last spring, Jarod Potocki became something of a campus celebrity when he hosted the Campus Activities Board’s annual “Super Bingo.” You may recognize him (and all his different flannels) from when he spent the evening cracking jokes and talking with students, all while giving away a kayak, a smart TV, a peloton, and more. The 2021 Super Bingo has been one of Jarod’s proudest moments in his time with the Campus Activities Board (CAB) because it was so “fulfilling” to see a sense of community among students once again.

Jarod sits on the Board of Directors of CAB where he serves as the Vice President of Operations. In this role, he gets to do a lot of “behind the scenes work” on some of Bentley’s most beloved traditions and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Jarod has been a member of CAB since his freshman year; he was eager to join since he has “always had a passion for helping others and making sure that others can thrive.” Jarod knows it can be nearly impossible to make everyone happy, but he strives to always “work to make campus a better place” and to “make [events] as inclusive as possible.” No matter the size or scale of the event, there must be something for everyone. While putting in so much hard work to benefit others, Jarod has also built a set of soft skills that set him up for success within Bentley and beyond. His leadership and communication skills make him a useful resource to students anywhere on Bentley’s campus.

In addition to having a hand in some of Bentley’s largest events with CAB, Jarod also builds community on a smaller scale as a Resident Assistant for first-year students in Slade Hall. In this role, Jarod is the point person for residents to come to for help while navigating through college for the first time. Jarod puts on a number of programs in the residence hall, as well as study sessions, to help freshmen find their place at Bentley. Jarod feels most proud when their residents can come to them to talk about hard topics since they have worked to create a space where everyone feels comfortable being themselves. Jarod knows it is common to feel nervous during freshman year of college, but they encourage others not to worry about “saying or doing the right thing” so much and instead “just go for it.”

Not everything can be “sunshine and rainbows” all the time, though. With all of Jarod’s involvements, it can be hard to manage work-life balance at times. But it has been incredibly rewarding nonetheless. With the rest of CAB e-board, Jarod feels “so connected,” and is so proud of their team for being able to “take COVID and turn it on its head.” All of Jarod’s involvements on campus have allowed them to build a diverse network of connections that have made them “a better person overall.” Jarod loves that at Bentley, they can meet people from “20 minutes away or 20 hours away, flight wise.” Being so interconnected with the rest of the Bentley community allows Jarod to learn something new every day.

To Bentley students, Jarod says “don’t settle.” The best thing that you can do to improve your experience at Bentley is to get involved; do not just stop at one general body meeting. Taking on a second or third organization, if you have the bandwidth, will help you to become a more well-rounded student. Push yourself to apply for the executive board, since “you can always be working for more.” Jarod believes in pushing and breaking through limits, but this does not mean sacrificing one’s own individuality and mental health. He will tell others to not overwork themselves in the process and to stay true to who they are as individuality is the “most important part of you.”

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