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Tap Takeover with Archer Roose

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

On Friday, February 28th, Harry’s hosted Tap Takeover by Archer Roose. Archer Roose is a female founded & led, wine company based in Cambridge, MA. The company has a portfolio of seven different types of wine that come in a canned container made sustainably.

In addition to the container, their wines are also made in a planet-friendly format. Their grapes are organically grown in low impact farming and they are vegan friendly.

Archer Roose’s available flavors includes; Bubbly, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, and Malbec. Recently, they launched a partnership with Jet Blue and became the “first canned wine in the air.”

Be sure to try Archer Roose next time you visit Harry’s! Feedback and suggestions for Harry’s can be found here. You can also view other photos from the event on our Photos page on

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