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Step Up Your Club's Marketing with HYPE

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

For years now, Student Program & Engagement (SP&E) has had a prominent presence on Bentley’s campus. When you hear “SP&E”, you may think of the student center and the folks who help you when you’re having printing issues, or perhaps you recall a TNT event you recently went to, like the Let’s Get Quizzical trivia series every Wednesday in Harry’s, or maybe you’re just familiar with the SP&E Instagram account. But did you ever wonder who works behind the scenes to market these events and quietly embed the SP&E name into your subconscious?

Well, meet HYPE, Student Programs & Engagement's student-run marketing team. HYPE, (Highlighting Your Programs and Events), has been the go-to provider for all marketing needs for not only SP&E but all 100+ student-run organizations on campus. With a variety of service offerings, HYPE has evolved rapidly over the past few years with new initiatives and team members. If you’re someone who is in a student organization on campus, HYPE might just be the team you never knew you needed.

The HYPE Team, which currently consists of ten student members, is comprised of two main teams: the Event Marketing Team and the Creative Team. The Event Marketing Team is responsible for fulfilling any photography or videography needs. If a club is hosting an event and wants pictures taken to highlight the event, the Event Marketing Team is their go-to. The team can also provide videography services and encourages student organizations to reach out with any specific needs. Additionally, the Event Marketing Team spearheaded and continues to promote the You Can B series which has highlighted numerous students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to the Bentley community.

The Event Marketing Team also manages the @Bentley_SPE Instagram account, which informs students of weekly events and entertains them with event recaps. Organizations can also request to have photos and information posted to the account—whether it’s just a quick graphic that needs to go on the account’s story or an in-feed post of photos from an event that happened. With over 7,000 followers, the SP&E Instagram account can serve as a useful tool for club marketing.

On the other side of HYPE, the Creative Team is there to serve any design needs. Whether a graphic is needed to advertise an event, or an organization wants to completely rebrand themselves, the Creative Team welcomes the challenge. While creating graphics for event posters represents most of the team’s day-to-day work, their recently launched HYPE Consulting initiative allows organizations to work with a Graphic Design Specialist to create a new logo and brand design for their organization. Several organizations have already utilized HYPE Consulting and can attest to the value that the service can add to an organization. The Creative Team encourages organizations to reach out with any graphics needs.

And the best part about utilizing HYPE’s variety of service offerings is that they’re all free! To take advantage of all that HYPE has to offer, the HYPE Submission Form can be found on Student Programs & Engagement’s CampusGroups site, which allows organizations to start requesting the services they need. With only a small number of student organizations currently taking advantage of HYPE’s service offerings, HYPE is eager and ready to work with more organizations and continue to expand what can be offered.

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