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Harry's Grand Reopening

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

The long-awaited Harry’s is opening for all students today! Doors open at 5pm with a ribbon-cutting and a speech from Student Affairs. Samples of food items from the menu will be passed out and meals will be available for purchase right away. 

Other programming includes a DJ, photo booth, free meal giveaway, promo items and desserts! Overview of the programming:

5:00pm: Ribbon cutting, speech from Student Affairs, samples of food items & meals available for purchase

6:00pm: Surprise free meal giveaway

7:00pm: Desserts & promo items 

8:00pm: DJ & photo booth 

9:30pm: More promo items given out!

All Late Night Dining will be in Harry’s from now on with a new and updated menu that has new additions to it such as flatbreads, salads, burgers and sandwiches. It is a made-to-order menu and an order is going to be ready as soon as the newly added buzzers go off!

There is a new logo and the whole space will be operating at different hours as a late night dining option, bar, and a space for students to come together. Some other new features that Harry’s now has is new various comfortable furniture, board games to stay in space, cold brew on tap and a credit card machine at the bar. There has been a second kegerator installed for increased alcohol on tap and there is better alcohol selection. All drinks at the bar are now $3!

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