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Holi Spring 2019

This past Friday on April 22nd, SASA hosted Holi which took place on the Greenspace, an annual event they put on. Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival and is celebrated in India as well as all around the world. It is a festival of love and celebration and is always celebrated in the start of spring. Students came together to celebrate the festival through music, food, traditional activities and more. Here they were able to express themselves, their culture, and beliefs through the Bentley community.

Some of the members describe the event as “one of a kind”, their “favorite moments at Bentley”, and “a time to come together with friends to celebrate culture and what truly matters”. Celebrating culture is a huge value at Bentley and SASA’s Holi event is just one of the many ways students are able to express their beliefs on the campus.

Students are always encouraged to get involved with the SASA organization through attending meetings as well as other events put on by the organization. In fact, just last month they hosted a Big Fat South Asian Wedding which showcased the diversity of wedding traditions through cultural foods, dances, and music. Stay tuned for next year’s events and Holi celebrations if you did not get a chance to come to this one!


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