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SASA Wedding

This past Friday on March 22nd, SASA’s “Big Fat South Asian Wedding” took place in the EDR. Students came to experience South Asian music, food, and of course, traditional wedding activities. With so much tradition surrounding these popular South Asian events, this event gave Bentley students of other cultural backgrounds a chance to experience a lively, lighthearted atmosphere associated with a traditional South Asian wedding. Isha Joshi, Director of PR for SASA, spoke on the event and what made it so special for the Bentley community:

What was the inspiration behind SASA’s “Big Fat South Asian Wedding”?

“For many members of the South Asian community, weddings are one of our favorite traditions/event to attend and be a part of. SASA wanted to have an event that showcases the diversity of wedding traditions amongst different South Asian countries and cultures! Also, many non-South Asian students are always curious about learning more about South Asian wedding, as they have never been to one, so we wanted to bring this excitement and vibrancy to Bentley’s campus.”

How did this event fit into SASA’s overarching theme and mission?

“Our bright and colorful wedding event represents SASA’s mission of spreading cultural awareness and promoting diversity in the Bentley."

What are some traditions on display throughout the event?

  • “Joota Chupai – “Hiding of the shoes”- this is a tradition that is common amongst most South Asian weddings, during which the girl’s side of the family steals the groom’s shoes while he is getting married, and bribe him for money and gifts in exchange for getting his shoes back and being able to take the bride away. We represented this tradition in our skit, and through multiple clue that led up to solving the “mystery” of the missing shoes.

  • Dance – Dancing is a huge part of South Asian weddings, as it is our way of showing our excitement and celebrating such a happy occasion. Dances can range from Bollywood to traditional folk, to Bhangra, Garba, and much more!

  • Sarees are a typical outfit worn by many South Asian women to weddings and other events and celebrations.

  • Henna or “mehendi” are intricate designs that are used to decorate the bride’s arms and feet (and the guests) before the wedding. The darker the henna, the stronger your love, and it is good luck if the bride finds her husband’s name hidden in her hand.

How can students get involved in SASA?

“Students can get more involved with SASA by coming to our last event of the semester, Holi on 4/20! Definitely talk to members to learn more and feel free to come to any event! Stay tuned for lots of excitement that we have stored for you all next semester!”

Thanks again to Isha Joshi and SASA for putting on an incredible event!


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