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Student Leader of the Month: February 2019

Congratulations to Jinny Choi (‘20), SP&E’s February Student of the Month! Jinny is the Senior Vice President of Delta Sigma Pi, a Student Coordinator for Orientation 2019, in Junior Class Cabinet, a Student Office Assistant for the Residential Center, and a Building Manager for the Student Center.

“I love everything I do on campus and the people I’ve met through my involvements,” says Jinny.

Jinny is from a small town in New Jersey right outside of New York City. Jinny shares, “I love having grown up in a fast-paced environment, and I’m always missing home.”

Fun Fact: Jinny’s dream job is to work in criminal investigation!

“I’m extremely thrilled to be Student Leader of the Month! This past year, I changed my major to Management with a Concentration in Leadership so I’m excited to apply everything new I’m learning in the classroom to my student organizations and involvements on campus. Before college, I never would’ve seen myself as a leader, but Bentley has shaped me with the support and encouragement to be the best version of myself that I can be.”

This past February, Jinny wrapped up the recruitment process for Delta Sigma Pi, which she says has been one of her greatest accomplishments at Bentley. “We had a very fruitful recruitment season, and I loved meeting students from varying backgrounds and with so many interests.”

Another shout-out to Jinny! And be sure to nominate your friends on for the next Student Leader of the Month!


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