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Program of the Month: February 2019

Congratulations to the Student Program of the Month for February for “Faces of Change” to Black United Body (BUB)!

BUB aims to spread diversity and cultural awareness and by hosting Faces of Change, a dinner where awards were given out, achievements honored and everyone coming together on the last day of Black History Month.

“Faces of Change Dinner was an opportunity for students, faculty & staff of color to be recognized for their contributions to diversity and progress on Bentley’s campus. As a minority on campus, often the efforts of people of color can be overshadowed by larger events or go unheard due to the lack of channels that share information with the larger community. We, Black United Body, set out to provide a platform for students/faculty to not only be heard but seen, acknowledged, and rewarded. The event also brought in corporate partners looking for diverse talent and provided them a glimpse of what Bentley’s students can and have achieved. We look forward to holding this event annually, constantly growing our attendance, and hopefully aiding in creating a place of acceptance for minority students on campus.” - Reginald Fils

The program was born out of the Shark Tank opportunity where AIA allows student organizations to pitch a new event for a chance to win $10,000 toward their event and they ended up winning $3,000 for this event!


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