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My Story as an International Student at Bentley University

As an international student who had never stepped foot in Boston before, let alone Bentley, the first week of classes in my freshman year was quite overwhelming. I was living in a new country and starting an experience I had never thought I would have until my very last year of High School. In my freshmen year there were almost no Brazilian students like me (now we live in happy days, Bentley even has a Brazilian Students Society!). So, in the first Activities Fair (the most American thing I could think of at the time), I met the International Student Association. I instantly felt like I belonged there and that those people were very similar to me although totally different at the same time. I really wanted to get to know them, their cultures and of course get some pro travel tips (my favorite pastime).

In their general body meeting I met more international students that were also as excited, and lost, as I was, and we became and continued friends throughout our time at Bentley. There, I also learned that I could be part of the E-board and help the organization to create and organize the events I was so looking forward to. Long story short, I applied to be their Freshman Liaison, I got in and never left. Now in my senior year I can look back and see how much we accomplished. We were able to better involve exchange students, throw the biggest cultural event of campus every year (the Festival of Colors) and win Best Student Organization in the Falcon Awards. More than that, I met people from all over the world, literally from every single inhabited continent, who are passionate by much of the same things as I am. Some of them became my best friends, and, to top it all off, I now have a place to stay wherever I travel to.


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