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Phi Sigma Sigma’s Milk and Cookies

This past week Phi Sigma Sigma held their annual local philanthropy event Milk and Cookies, raising money for the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation! You could get milk and all sorts of cookies the sisters have made and meet the sisters at the same time as well. Phi Sig’s national philanthropy, the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, is centered around school and college readiness and so the event raised funds in order to create scholarships and educational grants for those in need.

Allison Coon, the president of the chapter highlights: “This event is so important because it starts off the new year right by raising money for our national philanthropy, School and College Readiness. As Bentley students, it’s easy to lose sight of what helped us get to college, but our philanthropy is able to remind us. For many, scholarships are the only way they can attend college, and our philanthropy makes this possible by sponsoring scholarships, grants, and by purchasing important school supplies for those in need, specifically women.”

Learn more about Phi Sigma Sigma here!

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