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Finals Week Stress Relief!

As finals week approaches, it is important to manage your stress and ~relax~ during a study break. SP&E and TNT’s “Moments of Comfort” events are great ways to de-stress and unwind.

The Motivation Wall

You can win a reserved study room in the Stu with snacks, coffee, and other Bentley swag included! All you have to do is write some words of encouragement on the back of a notecard with your Bentley email on the back and hang the quote on the wall on the bulletin board across from Russo’s!

Free Coffee and Snacks throughout the Week!

Student Affairs staff will walk around with a snack cart during finals week around the Student Center so make sure to grab your favorite study snacks!

Rest and De-Stress

Harry’s Pub 1-5pm on Tuesday 12/11

Get a massage, listen to some live acoustic performances, and grab some snacks!

Bagels and Coffee

Outside 921 10am-2pm on Wednesday 12/12

Icecream and Brownies

Living Room 2:30pm-4:30pm on Thursday 12/13

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