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Rhythmic Graffiti

Miss out on the hottest CRAZE event this year?

Read below to catch up on what you missed last week!

CRAZE is Bentley’s only hip-hop competition dance team. CRAZE prides themselves on diversity and inclusion, as many of their dancers come from various backgrounds and dance styles. Throughout the year, CRAZE competes at various well known hip-hop competitions, including World of Dance Boston, an international competition that takes place in the city center.

Apart from their competitions, Rhythmic Graffiti is CRAZE’s annual showcase, highlighting local Boston dance crews as well as some Bentley organizations (Bentley Ballroom, Fire STEP Squad). CRAZE has organized this show for 12 years, and plans on continuing hosting it in the future. In the past years, they have had professional exhibition dance crews such as Phunk Phenomenon, Lil’ Phunk, and Phunk MOB perform at our showcase, as well as well-known, professional crews like QWAM, the Concept Artists, and many more.

Mikayla Ullrich, President of CRAZE, shares that, “CRAZE is not only a crew, it’s a family.”

Adding on to that Ullrich says, “There are people on this team that I would have never encountered otherwise. I am so thankful to have met everyone that has been a part of CRAZE, as this organization has provided me with friends and memories for life. If you share that passion for dance and friendship, CRAZE is exactly the right organization for you.

Rhythmic Graffiti included a lot of fun decorations and costumes, especially since their theme was color and fun! Abby Maderia, Creative Director of CRAZE, made a super fun and colorful balloon display at the event. The CRAZE members also dressed up in basketball jerseys this year. Which Ullrich says, “was super cool to work on, in terms of designing and carrying out Abby’s vision.”

“I have been dancing since I was very young. Although hip-hop was never my strongest form of dance, I feel as though I am able to truly express myself within this organization. Hip-hop is a branch of dance that combines hundreds of different styles to create a beautiful movement, signature to the dancer. CRAZE has allowed me to meet some incredible people and share my love to dance with them. There is nothing in the world that can replace my love for dance, and being the President of CRAZE has given me the most amazing dance memories I could’ve asked for,” says Ullrich.

Interested in joining CRAZE’s team? Don’t be afraid to reach out to Mikayla or any other CRAZE members to hear about their experience! Also, be sure to stay tuned about other CRAZE events and competitions coming up next semester on!


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