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Org of the Month: November 2018

Congratulations to Cape Verdean Student Association (CVSA) on November Org of the Month!

Cape Verdean is the cultural organization on campus dedicated to teaching others about Cape Verde, a small archipelago of islands off the west coast of Africa.

Sydney Gonsalves, President of CVSA, shares:

“Cape Verdeans in general are a very proud people. We're very unique in that our culture blends together Portuguese culture with an array of Western African cultures. Cape Verde itself is a very beautiful country and we as CVSA are very proud to be able to educate Bentley about our culture.”

CVSA was a part of Food Fest and Culture Fest this past month. It was the only event they put on for November however Gonsalves shares that since it was such a large-scale event that they wanted to focus all of their time and energy on it. All of CVSA’s time and energy definitely paid off because Food Fest was a successful and memorable event under SP&E in November.

Nominators of CVSA had this to say:

“CVSA did an amazing job planning and executing Foodfest as part of the CultureFest week. They handled all the student orgs food request and allocated the money to the orgs to purchase the food. They did a great job meeting with multiple staff members and always asking the right questions about how to make this the best event possible. With all their planning they had a successful event and a great turnout.”

“We're a family-like organization. We welcome everyone with open arms and want to connect with as many Bentley students as possible. We're always innovating within our organization by introducing new ways to connect and interact with students and hosting engaging events,” says Gonsalves.

Another big congrats to CVSA for their outstanding work this November for Food Fest! And be sure to check out photos from Food Fest on!


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