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Student Leader: October 2018

Stewart Amas, a junior majoring in marketing with an LSM in Media, Arts, and Society, has been named SP&E’s Student Leader of the Month for October!

Stewart has been nominated for this achievement for his involvement in the Africana Students’ Association (ASA), and as an exemplary student at Bentley.

“I am the president of A.S.A (Africana Student Association) here on campus. The org’s main premise is to promote and educate our campus about all the different countries and cultures within Africa. We also strive to provide African students on campus with a space they can call a home away from home. What inspired me to join the org was just wanting to have a piece of home on campus. I am Nigerian and I have a lot of love and pride for my culture so I wanted Bentley to have a space for me to express that love for my culture. Many African students want a place on campus where they can be their whole selves; A.S.A. is an opportunity for students such as myself to express their culture. I work with service learning as a Lead PM for the S.T.E.P. mentoring program and I work at business center as a business center attendant.”

On what makes Stewart proud to be a Bentley Falcon, he comments:

“My favorite part about Bentley is the relationships you create here. I’ve met some really great people and made some great friendships that I know I will have after I graduate. I appreciate the connections you make here at Bentley, that’s what I am most proud of. Also, I appreciate the creative freedom Bentley allows me to have. While it may be hard to do, I feel as though Bentley should be seen as opportunity to go after your passions and make them a reality for yourself.”

In selecting Stewart as October’s Student Leader of the Month, nominators stated:

“Stewart’s dedication to the org (Africana Students’ Association) as well as each individual member on the e-board is unparalleled. Stewart truly cares about the well-being of his org and its members, and he is constantly trying to improve himself as a leader. He encourages constant feedback and critique on the org, its events, and his leadership. He does so much work behind the scenes to make sure the org is functional, as well as hold personal one-on-one meetings with his e-board members outside of our weekly meetings as a group.”

Stewart urges anyone interested about ASA to reach out to him by email at

P.S.: The A.S.A Gala is coming soon! It will happen during the spring semester so be on the lookout for that!

Thanks for your hard work and dedication, Stewart! It definitely does not go unnoticed, so keep up the good work!

Be sure to check for events from ASA and more throughout November!

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