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Getting Involved at Bentley

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. Even amongst the whirlwind of end-of-semester presentations and assignments, I have caught myself in a ruthless cycle of nostalgia and thanksgiving. I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of being appreciative, and looking back at my past two years at Bentley, there is nothing that I am more grateful for than the opportunities that I have had to get involved on campus.

One of the student organizations that I am involved in is Delta Sigma Pi (DSP), a co-ed business fraternity on campus. Bentley prides itself on its career services and internship and job placement, and so I knew coming to college that I wanted to be involved in a club that would build up my professionalism and expand my network. I am now in my fifth semester in Delta Sigma Pi and have served on the executive board as the Vice President of Chapter Operations and the Senior Vice President. I am especially appreciative to have had DSP to introduce me to leadership roles alongside a group of supportive and resourceful members.

A great way that I was able to bring my passions to Bentley was through joining the executive board of the Korean Students Association. I started off as the Freshman Liaison for the organization, and through planning and executing events with innovative and fresh ideas, found myself elected as the President during my sophomore year. I went into the President role motivated and eager to plan creative events and share my culture. The cultural organizations on campus are run by students with passion, heart, and drive. I highly recommend that students attend as many cultural events as they can throughout the school year. There is a lot of value and encouragement that comes with seeing people of many backgrounds come together to learn about a specific tradition.

This year, I was lucky enough to have been chosen to be a member of Bentley University's Orientation team serving the Class of 2022. Being an Orientation Leader (OL) is a rewarding experience that has changed my outlook on Bentley students. It is so much more than being an excited, overly energetic cheerleader for Bentley-- for myself, and many other OLs, the experience is about being a student leader and a resource for nervous incoming students who are easing into a new environment. If a student is looking to get involved socially, then I would highly recommend applying to be an Orientation Leader, or even joining Greek life or intramural/club sports.

The ways that I am involved on campus are just few of the many ways to find a home at Bentley. I share my experience as a way to show students that there is something here for everyone and that joining clubs could bring growth and leadership opportunities. I always encourage students, especially first year students, to find something that they love and join an organization with students who have similar ambitions.

If you’re reading this and feeling inspired to join an organization on campus, then I would highly recommend attending the Activities Fair at the start of the spring semester to meet students who are involved in various organizations on campus or stopping by the Student Programs & Engagement office on the third floor of the Student Center! There, you can speak to someone who can give you more information on all of your options to get involved at Bentley.


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