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Org of the Month: October 2018

Congratulations to the Black United Body (BUB) on being SP&E’s Org of the Month!

BUB strives to educate, advocate and celebrate black culture on and off of Bentley’s campus. BUB is dedicated to diversity and cultural awareness by promoting open dialogue between minority students and the entire Bentley community. The org spreads awareness through social events, educational gatherings, and collaborations with other student organizations, as well as faculty and staff on campus.

Orianna Tate, President of BUB, answers some questions regarding her org:

What are some events you put on in the month of October and what events do you have in the upcoming months?

“This October we held our annual Bridging the Gap event with University Police. The event is prominent in building a connection between minority students on campus and our police officers, in relations to current events we see happening in the world. It is also a great time to ask any questions in regards to the culture specifically on Bentley’s campus.

Our next upcoming event, is our annual November party which is pajama themed (pajamas not required, but recommended) in the EDR on Nov 17th, from 9pm-2am (doors close at 12). We are also in the works to set up a donation box for a charity in December.”

Why are you proud to be a part of this org?

“I am proud to be a part of BUB because it has provided me with a new family on this campus. BUB has been an outlet not only for me but other minority students to express themselves through the various events we put on. This org’s amount of motivation and sincere care for those on Bentley’s campus is what I adore the most and I love all that we have been able to achieve.”

Why should people join BUB and come to your events?

“There has been a lot of stigma against cultural orgs only being for minority students, but we are all trying our best to expand our audiences and reach those who may not identify with the culture. People should join BUB because no matter your culture, we can all benefit from positive interaction with one another, and BUB aims to create a safe space with all of our events for all of Bentley.”

Nominators of BUB for Org of the Month say:

“Black United Body has had consistent and well-planned events all semester. All of the student leaders are great to work with. They are very dedicated and intentional with their event planning. So far this semester, they have had consistent and successful events including Bridging the Gap, Fashion Show tryouts, and are planning their highly anticipated larger events like their annual party and Fashion Show!”


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