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What are Panhell, IFC, and GAC?

Bentley’s students pride themselves with being involved in many different groups around campus, one being: Greek Life. Some governing orgs within Greek life you may have heard about are: the Panhellenic Council, Greek Activities Council, and the Inter-Fraternity Council.

The Greek Activities Council (GAC) is an executive board whose sole purpose is to plan events around scholarship, service, and social activities for not only Greek life but for the entirety of the Bentley community.

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) works to develop closer working relationships and coordination among its Member Fraternities and Bentley University to develop creative, ethical, and socially responsible organizational leaders. IFC is a unified community of fraternity men developing accountable leaders in academics and service to others, bound by the spirit of pride in fraternal ideals.

The Panhellenic Council is the governing org for all sororities on campus including Bentley’s newest sorority Kappa Delta! Panhell has a delegate from each sorority represented as well as executive board members.

Favorite Events Held by the Orgs!

GAC: Lip Sync and Day of Service

IFC: Frat Classic Hockey Tournament

Panhellenic Council: Powderpuff Philanthropic Football Game and Formal Recruitment

Org Presidents Share About Their Involvement:

“Being on GAC allows me to connect with other Greek Life members and plan events where all of us can come together as a Greek community to make a difference on Bentley’s campus. Being president has also given me so many outside opportunities with non-Greek organizations on campus to collaborate with and learn more about!” -Ceili Riccio

“Being the president of an organization has provided me with so many career development opportunities as well as networking opportunities within the Bentley community. I have been able to develop working relationships with many students and faculty members who I can turn to for support on any issue – not just related to FSL.” -Bill Leroux

“I wanted to become a part of the Panhellenic Council at Bentley because it gives you the opportunity to get to know members from other sororities that you might not otherwise interact with. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to become president of the Panhellenic Council because it has allowed me to not only interact, lead, and meet students, but also learn from others around me.” -Christa DeAngelis

Student Involvement:

“Students should join GAC because there is more to Greek life than the individual chapters we join. It is the Greek community that represents Bentley, and it is great to be part of an organization that can host events that show our collective dedication to academics, service, and brother/sisterhood!” -Ceili Riccio

“Students should join Panhell, GAC or IFC to experience more of FSL at Bentley. As a member of these organizations you will host events, meet to discuss updates and drive change in the FSL community. These orgs provide you with leadership opportunities as well as the opportunity to meet people in other chapters.” -Bill Leroux

“Students should join the Panhellenic Council at Bentley if they're looking for leadership experience combined with collaboration. We are all part of our own individual chapters, but at the same time come together to support Greek life and the sororities on campus.” -Christa DeAngelis

To learn more about Greek Life, be sure to attend one of the info sessions, displayed in the flyer below. To see what events these orgs have in store for the remainder of the semester be sure to check out SP&E’s Instagram and for more updates!


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