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Sorority Fall 2018 Recruitment

The three already established sororities just recently have completed their Fall Recruitment. Learn more below about this exciting time!

During the fall the only way to join a sisterhood is through continuous open bidding. What is continuous open bidding? It is just another term coined for informal recruitment. The process allows sophomore girls and grades above to rush as they attend events and get to know the sisters.

Bid Day is when potential new members are welcomed to their respective sororities as they extend bids to them. This fall Alpha Phi extended 2 open bids, Phi Sigma Sigma extended 5 and Gamma extended 10+. Bid days is all about meeting all the members of the sororities and because of that it is usually a themed event welcoming the new members into the chapters.

All the sororities on campus are looking forward to all the upcoming events leading up to spring recruitment!

Alpha Phi’s President said: “For the fall cob process, we are so thrilled to have welcomed two amazing additions to our chapter, Lilly Walker and Ryann Driscoll!! Alpha Phi places a large focus on the togetherness, compassion, and admiration of our chapter and taking a small new member class has allowed us to truly focus on those ideals. We are beyond excited to keep building our chapter in the spring and meet so many more amazing girls interested in Greek life. Recruitment is always a rewarding time where girls find their place with a chapter to empower themselves to be the best version of themselves they can be. Alpha Phi gave us a home at Bentley and we can’t wait for everyone to find theirs in just a few months!

Learn more about each sorority and how to get involved at:

Alpha Phi -

Gamma Phi Beta -

Phi Sigma Sigma -

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