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The Center for Women and Business Fellowship Opportunity

The Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business (the CWB) offers a Fellowship program to Bentley students, which unmasks the real-world perception of contemporary gender and family workplace issues. Thirty male and female students, each spring semester, are picked to be a part of this incredible experience. Through the Fellowship, students delve into issues, such as the millennial generation’s impact on the workplace, unconscious bias, managing confidence, men as allies, and the benefits of gender balance in the workplace, strategic authenticity, and collaboration.

Dorothy Polatin, Student Programs Manager for the CWB, works closely with students to ensure they receive the optimal experience. Personally, being a part of the Fellowship has shaped my views and experiences in the workplace. I feel more aware about the issues and look for opportunities where companies advocate for women’s rights and diversity and inclusion. Moreover, during the Fellowship sessions, I have become more confident overall. The safe space that was created during these events allowed us to get to know one another and feel comfortable sharing our stories.

Two students express how the fellowship changed their outlook on life and in the workplace:

Ryan Cadorette ’18:

“Being part of the Fellowship was an extraordinary experience. In fact, I wish every Bentley student could have the opportunity to go through the program as I did. During my time in the fellowship I learned the importance of having men stand up not only as allies, but also be an advocate and mentor for these women in order to emphasize the importance (and better efficiency) that comes with having diverse leaders and ideas. The fellowship emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion in a company’s culture, which impacted my job search during my senior year. The fellowship motivated me to ask the important questions including, “What types of programs or opportunities do you have for women and other minorities in your company?” and “What is the company’s policies around diversity and inclusion?” Ultimately, my search landed me a job in the HR Development Program at Anheuser-Busch, which puts an emphasis on developing young leaders of all backgrounds and the programs available for women, LGBTQ, and other minority groups. While I always wanted to work in a company that was respectful to everyone, the fellowship made me realize that I want to work for a company that sees the value in differences and has an inclusive culture. Much of my work going forward will be centered around the ideas from the fellowship which include improving the recruitment process to create a talent pipeline of women and minorities to ensure Anheuser-Busch follows through on their promises.”

Jordan Ballantyne ’18:

“Participating in the CWB Fellowship was an enriching experience. I was able to meet like-minded individuals and engage in conversation about women, confidence and diversity, both in the workplace and on campus. I became more educated on these topics, and this gave me confidence going into my summer internship with Deloitte Advisory. I had secured the internship prior to the fellowship, but my participation in the fellowship motivated me to put my interests and aspirations first by making sure Deloitte was a fit for me as a woman. Through the fellowship, I met poised, well-established women in the workplace, and these interactions showed me how much I valued my internship and full time environment being supportive and providing the opportunity for advancement. Deloitte’s managers welcomed my questions and appreciated my initiative as a new member of their community. They provided me with information about their merit-based evaluations and how they support women in the accounting and technology fields. Gaining knowledge through the fellowship encouraged me to be assertive during my internship, both with my superiors and peers, and it paid off, as I found a full-time position that I am confident is a fit for me.”

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to apply through this link. Applications are due on Wednesday, October 31st, 2018. To learn more about the CWB, click here. Dorothy is more than happy to answer any questions that any of you have. To get in touch with her, please email her at:


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